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11/12/2005 12:42 am

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Busy day

I was in such a deep sleep...The first love guy called and woke me up. He was heading over to class...and I guess he sorta squeezed me in.
He was like, "Go Back to sleep"
"No, I'm ok"
"Blue, go to sleep!"
"No, I don't get to talk to you often. It's ok"
"Ahhh...I should have known that you hadn't woken up at this time"

Hehehe he made me smile. He's so cute...but NO!!! I'm not even on his radar anymore...no use in all that...

I got up and had lunch with my room mate. Then I called my aunt telling her I was stopping by. We went to the mall first and I bought two pants, 5 shirts, 2 half sweater things, brown sunglasses and a brown belt. Yes! I know that I'm addicted to shopping! But all of that was less than 100 bucks...It was a good deal lol. At around 4 we went to my aunt's house. Then ay 530 we went to this Mexican restaurant. we went back to her house and left at 730.

When I got home, there was a note on my door. It was Evan...at first I thought it was for my room mate, but it was for me. I called him and he said he wanted to "hang out" with me. I told him i had to clean my room (well the whole dorm) and do some laundry...which was true. I told him I needed a rain check. It would have just been weird...cause Chris is all suspicious or something. That boy's out his damn mind.

When I went down to do my laundry Joseph called...he told me his folks left already and that he was going to be able to come Saturday. Yesterday, I had asked him to come down and to do me the favor of bringing along my friends. He's coming along with my two gay friends...but i have nothing to worry about right? hahaha.

Then Chris called and he came over. It was a bit awkward, since I was still MAD that he made me walk in the sun...knowing that I'm not well. If I weren't taking the meds...I would have been fine...hahha nah...i'd still be mad. I wanted to act as cold as he acted towards me yesterday, but i was like whatever, no use in making the situation worse. I told him that Joseph was coming the next day...I could see that he was mad, but he didn't say anything. I told him that it was my room mate's second birthday celebration and that he was invited a long time abo (which is true), and that a lot of other people were staying over anyway (3 from Austin, 3 from here, and 2 from Houston). Its not like me and Joseph are going to have "alone time."

He said he trusted me and we continued to watch the Wedding Singer on TBS. And he left at 115am.

It surprises me that he doesn't...like ask for sex, or hint at least. With the first love guy...that relationship was sex-less. It was awesome and pure, but I don't know why I can't have a sex-less relationship with anybody else.

zanzibarus 38M

11/12/2005 4:58 am

Maybe i'm a mental defective, wait, scartch that. I am a mental defective, but, a sex-less relationship, sure, i can go without for a couple months, but, i'm a physical type of guy so, if you were horny, it would naturally progress from there.

But then again, a doctor has told me to take meds to stop the sexual urges from affecting my day to day living. Go fucken figure.

Once again, i am a mental defective.

This comment made absolutely no sense.

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