Box full of Surprises  

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10/31/2005 9:01 am

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Box full of Surprises

I gave this guy my number when I was at the wedding. he was a tall, deep voiced, cutie. Good dancer I was surprised that he called me the next day in the morning. We didnt have much of a conversation at the Man...I could tell that he was either younger than me, or really immature. So I asked him what his age was and he said...16. I was I will keep this conversation up for 10 more minutes and then I will hang up and block lol. So he was was like my ex was 32...what a pedophyle (SP?). lol I wasnt having none of that. Talking about that he was mature, whatever hahaha. he was like, "So, sexy, wanna be my girl?" hahaha I wanted to bust out laughing, but I kept my cool hahaha.

Well thats basically how it happened with Andrew* but that was a totally different situation, and totally different dialogue

And I was like, I dont know you... lol I didnt wanna be mean to him, but right after that I hung up with him lol. I told my parents I was leaving Sunday, when i was actually leaving Monday so that i could spend the night at Joseph's again. We went to this Salvadoran restaurant and the owner's son is SO hott! i wanted to do him right there.

Anyway, I went over to Joseph's at around 6. We watched House of wax...or tried to lol. I was sleepy and I was dozing off. The movie ended and then he told me he had something for me, and he took this box out. I was all excited cause it was a huge box lol. I opened it and it was full of lingerie lol. He's so retarded. It was the craziest shit ever. Baby dolls, crotchless panties, bras, nipple tassles, panty hose, this feather skirt that went up my ass, this "tool belt" with a bunch of crap attached to it, a dildo,

at the botton of the box there was a camara and a lot of condoms, flavored, colored, glow in the dark...hahahaha. I almost got an orgasm just looking at everything hahaha. I put on the feathery pink skirt and the nipple tassles...he took pics of me from every fuckin angle he could.

Since i didnt wanna have intercourse he did everything else...fingered me, licked my kitty, used toys on me...I jacked him off, gave him head and dry humped I hadnt done that since i was like 14 and a virgin. hahaha. Then we went to bed...we slept a while but then he woke me up when I felt his hand grabbing and pulling on my nipples. He turned me around and sucked my nipples sooooo hard that it almost hurt. but it felt soooo good. I'm getting wet right now....mmm...I couldnt stand it anymore so I told him to fuck me anally. I loved that he was rough with me. Like the inner freak in him took over.

lol...I loved it...but now I cant really sit for that long hahaha.

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