Bouncing off the walls  

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10/3/2005 10:18 am

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Bouncing off the walls

So...yeah!!! I'm like in the best mood ever. I'm hyper hahaha. I think I'm on a caffine/sugar rush hahahah. I had a double shot, and an expresso, some cocunut candy crap, some burnt peanuts...I stayed up all night studying for my Anthropology test whoa!! I actually studied...I actually showed up to class!!! ahhh!!! It rained today hahaha

I'm more confident about this test...than of all the damn tests I've ever taken. But yeah I started studying like at 3 in the morning, I was going really slow on the readings. took me about 2 hours for one freakin chapter. at like 345 Dave called me. I was like whoa?! He said I had forgotten about him. which is kinda true cause well...I dont have much room to think about anything. But i did think about inviting him to the club with us. I thought that it was too many of us girls there and it would be weird, but he was like I coulda called up my boys...blah. Oh well next time.

I talked to him for about 5 minutes then I got the studying and actually finished all my readings. Then I took a shower and tried to finish my study guide but It was time to walk to my first class. I walked over and it felt so fresh and the day was just so great!

Hahaha I made a fool of myself though. There was this super super hot guy (the hottest guy I've seen on campus) sitting down inside a building where I'm supposed to walk through and he was looking at me and I thought it was weird lol. And I walk over to ther sliding door and the bitch doesnt open hahaha...hahaha I guess thats why he kept looking at me. And i walk through the other door with a straight face and then half way down the hall way I start cracking up and people around me gave me stupid looks, but I didnt give a damn.

Then yeah...the time in between my two classes I go get an expresso and that candy crap even though I'm wired...and head over the computer lab to waste time. I check my messages and my good friend from back home, writes, "I am pregnant" and it was really quiet in the room and I'm like OH MY FUCKIN GOD! lol everybody looks at me again hahaha.

Then I go to my Anthropology class and its packed. People actually show up to class on exam days. I go through all the questions and wow...I actually know some of the answers. I finish the test early and head to the dorm. I get there and I call hcc and my hs to get transcripts, but none of my attempts succeed.

then i go to the cafeteria for lunch and I'm like super super hyper. and I'm all fuckin but anyway...I'm getting bored. Maybe I should apply my wired self to some actual studying. hahahah!

zanzibarus 38M

10/3/2005 3:17 pm

i am the guitarist and lead singer
all the bass players i know are pretty rough. Thats not to say that i'm not rough though hehe

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