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4/17/2006 11:04 pm
Blahblah nonsense

This weekend was alright lol. I went home and turned out that Oscar (11th grade ex) shipped out Saturday…I felt sorta bad still about the whole situation. But whatever I’m over it! Thursday was kinda bland…nothing happened. Friday me and my friend finished a bottle of Absolut and then headed towards the sushi bar. We had two drinks; they called last call and then headed next door to the Mexican restaurant…we were pretty gone! Lol. We started eating and then my friend all of the sudden goes outside. I didn’t notice until later…when he was already throwing up. I felt kinda bad that. But whatever I didn’t get up. I was way too gone to function correctly. He came back outside and he dropped his card on the table. I paid with his card…I forged his signature…cause he went to the bathroom. Then I called first love guy. He was heading back home from Lufkin…no I dunno what he was doing there. And we talked for a good 10 minutes and we agreed that I would call when I was on my way home.

My friend got out of the bathroom and we headed to the McDonald’s on Main. We met up with two other friends and we went to a party. LOL there were so many thugs there. But for some reason I always get along with ‘em and always get treated so well by them. I had some weird sunny d and vodka mixture, and then some Seagram’s 7. I had to pee so I went and then when I came out it was like a whole crowd of people was there by the door. One of them shouts out, “You’ve never tried weed before?” and I was like no…and then they got all riled up and were fighting over who was going to show me. Lol So I took 3 puffs and I SOBERED up. Lol. A lot of guys came to talk to me. I guess it was because I was the only one that people didn’t know. Then this other guy…I forgot his name, he busted out with a bottle of Presidente and we both finished most of it. Well long story short, I didn’t get home until like 9 in the morning.

I called first love guy again, but he didn’t answer…I guess it was wayyy too early in the morning. He called back though and I got to see him! We chilled at my house, and we watched movies. That was really fun and simple. It was like when we were friends. We joked around and laughed a LOT. He’s so funny. I told him I was going to church and he joined me. I thought that was so sweet of him. After church he dropped me off at my grandma’s house. My aunt was throwing some party for her daughter there so yeah. I was about to open the door to get out and he was like Wait! He talked to me a bit when we were in his car parked. But it was retarded meaningless chatter lol. Then I was like, “I should really get inside before my mom gets mad at me. She always comes out of the house when I’m in a parked car for too long” And he was like, “I had a really nice time with you. I’m glad you called.” I got a lil shy and looked down. He tilted his head to look at me and said, “Blue? Shy? Blushing? I can’t believe it!” I looked up and laughed. That’s when he kissed me. Smack on my lips. I was kinda shocked! Though it was only a peck, it felt like I was on cloud nine. I smiled at him and said goodbye.

I spent like 2 hours at the party, but then my Joseph called. We went to get sushi!!!! lol...I had an orange mojito...or whatever its called...and a key lime-tini. lol If I would have had ONE MORE of the mojitos I would have been soooo fucked up! lol I was just tipsy. I had a curfew this time...since I had been out until 9...

And I'll update/finish...some other day lol

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