Bittersweet Thanksgiving  

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11/28/2005 9:33 am

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Bittersweet Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was full of fun and disappointment. It was truly bittersweet. I should have just stayed here helping my aunt with her recovery. I was so excited to see Andrew again, and to see the family and everything…but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted to. This past week was supposed to be GREAT…

I arrived home on Tuesday night. I went out with a couple of friends to this place called the Tea cup…I think lol. Then I got home and we went shopping the next day. Still no word from Andrew. I decided to spend the afternoon with Joseph. We just went to eat and then we hung out at his place for a while…and no we didn’t do anything! At around 1030 he dropped me off. I passed out right away.

Thursday, I was up at 730 baking, cooking blah everything that had to be done for my family's thanksgiving dinner. At around 11 Joseph picked me up and I had Thanksgiving lunch with him. At 3 he dropped me off at my g-ma's house and 30 minutes later Chris picked me up…oh the greatness of not having a car!

I was REALLY nervous about meeting his parents, but to my surprise they were about the nicest people I've ever met. His dad was like, "Ay mijo! Como encontraste una muchacha tan guapa?" I felt weird about that one…I'm not pretty at all…but whatever…So we sat down at the table and ate. We had a couple of laughs and boy, do they talk a lot. They asked me all sorts of questions, about me and my family, school, religious affiliation and a lot of other things. Then it was time for dessert. I was already stuffed, but I wasn't going to tell her no since she said that she made it especially for me. I don't know what it was, but it was GOOD. Lol.

As I was leaving they both hugged me goodbye and his mom said, "Ya era tiempo que trajieras una muchacha decente a mi casa. No como la descarada de la Valeria."(translation: It's about time you brought a descent girl to my house. Not like Valerie) I smiled and thanked them for the nice time I had. I held back words…lol until I got into the car. And then I was like, "So, Valerie had visited your parents before?"
"Not exactly"
"So what is it exactly?"
"She came around here looking for me and I didn’t want to be rude and kick her out when my parents got here."
"Oh, when was this?"
"Last summer"
I left it at that. I didn't really care anyway. He dropped me off at my house. I took all the kids to go see Saw 2 and then they all left. Joseph called and asked if I could stay at his place for the night, but I was still hopeful that Andrew would call, but again he didn't.

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