Bad Bad Club  

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10/23/2005 7:56 pm

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Bad Bad Club

Friday night was ugh bad. lol We went to this first club the thing was we showed up kinda early lol. We went in and we were like There was a long line behind us and we were like where's everybody at? lol then this girl that was with us was nagging that she wanted to leave. So we left, BAD idea!

We went to this other club that charged us 7 bucks. and it was small, sucked, thugs and hoes all around. lol i didnt mind the thugs but I really minded the drunk skanks all around us. I swear most of them were wearing bras as shirts lol. I was NOT having a good time lol.

While I was all alone in a corner while my other friends were trying very very HARD to make it into a good night, Chris sent me a txt. He asked where I was at and when i told him he was like, "WTF? Why the hell would you go there?" I explained the whole situation and then he stopped txting and then like 15 minutes later he was like where you at? Of course I was in the club still, so I thought it was a stupid question. But he had headed over there after he had stopped texting me.

It was kinda he was hugging me for a while...a LONG while and talking to me about things...I dunno i just thought that was weird. maybe its cause I dont see him as my boyfriend you know? I couldnt really hear what he was saying so we went outside.

He was saying a of more things, flirting with me. Telling me how pretty I looked, though I felt like I looked like crap lol. Long story short, I decided to date him formally.

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