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7/2/2005 2:42 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I was talking to this guy from San Antonio...just a couple of hours ago...

And well we were talking about random things. then we started talking about Anal sex. And I was like yeah me and my ex used to do that a lot and he said that he had never tried it and so he kept on asking me questions about it like how did it feel and did it hurt. and i answered and then we started talking about what i liked in bed and I told him...seemed like he got horny easily. And well i do too but for some reason I didnt get horny (maybe it was because of some other guy that had just pissed me off a little while before) I was surprised because right before I started talking to the guy from SA I was really horny...and I'm not saying he's not a good looking guy...cause he's gorgeous. I just dont know what was wrong with me.

Then he wanted to have phone sex...and maybe i wouldnt have passed it up, but i did. hearing a guy's dick...mmmm...thats always turned me on. I'm like I dunno unable to enjoy sex today...Its weird maybe its cause I'm still tired from the trip to San Antonio

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