Bad influence  

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12/14/2005 10:57 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Bad influence

When it's just you and
I alone together, all I
have to do is look into
your eyes to know
you're gonna be a bad
influence on me.

You start kissing me
softly, while you move
your hands up my shirt
and begin to rub places
you shouldn't touch.
Now I know you're
being a bad influence.

You start to kiss me
harder knowing I'm
loving what you're doing
because my nipples have
hardened. Wow! You're
such a hot kisser!

You move your hand
to my lower place, you
gently rub it. When you
feel me tense you stop,
but I tell you not to,
so you continue.

A few moments later
you begin to feel how
wet I'm getting. You
don't stop, but simply
rub faster. I take in a
sharp gasp of pleasure.

As you make me wetter,
you get harder, so I
undo your pants and set
you free. I rub it up
and down.

You're a bit shocked at
first, but love knowing
you're being a bad influence
on me.

You've hit that spot that
makes me moan, which
I've done a little of by
now, but you've rubbed
me just right now causing
me to orgasm.

My back arches and my
moans grow louder and
stronger. You love it,
I can tell, because you
rub me faster.

When I've had my
fun, I begin to rub
my hand up and down
you harder and faster.
I know I've caught you
at a wonderful moment
because you just witnessed
my orgasm, plus you
tensed up.

As I continue to rub
you, you say your gonna
cum soon. You kiss me
long and hard while I
run you, all the time
getting faster.

You pull away from me
and whisper in my ear,
"Don't stop. I'm almost
there." So I don't, I go
harder. I go faster. You
kiss me again.

I guessed you were gonna
cum in a minute or so
because you started to
breathe faster.

Just as we pulled apart
from our kiss, I saw it.
I saw all the whiteness
shoot from you. You've
had your fun now too.

I look at you and smile.
You kiss me gently now.
I say, "You're such a bad
influence on me."

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