My First Bisexual Experience  

BloomingtonBi22m 33M
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6/20/2006 1:16 am
My First Bisexual Experience

I was young at the time 14 years old. A buddy of mine was hangin out at my house we had discovered the stack of playboys my dad had hidden and spent several hours after parents had fallen asleep flippin through porn and becuming very aroused.

as the nite grew older we decided to sneak out of the house and into the woods behind my neighbors across the street so that we could indulge in our newly found luv of smoking weed. so we loaded our backpacks with porn, soda, munchies, and Flash lights.
Making our way was always exciting silently we climb fences and tiptoed through yards and in to the woods we would imagine ourselves as ninjas or special ops soldiers to wake my parents or neighbors would bring the wrath of our enemies.

finally we had made to the clearing a small park actually, comletely deserted at 2am, we made our way to the gazebo and he began pullin out porn as i roled a joint. We started smokin at one point i went to hand him the joint and burned his arm he quickly made a smart ass comment which i replied to with "Why don't you suck my cock?" he replied as a smart ass "whip it out" so being stoned i did.

with a little discussion and my hard cock hangin out we decided to give each other head first he sucked me and very quickly i blasted my load.
On his knees in front of me as he wiped the cum from his lips I look in his eyes and i knew i was bisexual from that moment on.

I got on my knees and started rubbin his cock like i like 2 rub my own with my hand a small amount of pre cum began to from a drop at the tip of his huge, or so i thought at the time, hard cock.
I slowly moved my mouth towards it, very unsure of myself, I nervously licked the small drop from the tip of his head. i remember the taste like it was yesterday as it hit my tongue it surged through me like a bolt of lightning.
I grabed his cock with both hands pulled him forward i remember his surprised reaction.
I began twistin my hand around his now well lubricated cock and massaged his head whith my lips and tongue i started suckin up and down really began to get into it for a moment it was all that existed in my world, and then all of a sudden my concentration broke my mouth was filled with cum and quite to my surprise as the experince had not even lasted a minute.

i tried to swallow it cuz thats what the did in porn with a gag i spit most of it out needless to say it was not what I had expected. It was so cute i thought he was gonna fall over and pass out with a the zombie look on his face i could tell it had taken him by surprise as well.
We smoked a little more and quickly headed home as the sun began to rise. we got in to the house we fell asleep, the next morning we woke up went on with life as usual and never spoke of it again

jman675675 49M

6/8/2007 2:14 am

Sucking a nice cock is always a good experience. it never hurt anyone. Enjoying the shape, the taste, and the load. Glad you got to try it.

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