Well another week ..  

Bloomers62 54F
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8/5/2005 11:45 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Well another week ..

Good afternoon all ,been a few days since I posted ,took some time away from the site mainly because some people have to be rude and down right mean .After the ordeal with the 18 year old I just needed a break.Well what's been happening since the last time I wrote ,well to be honest Nothing..oh almost forgot I did get an email from a lady telling me again how evil I am for taking my vows of marriage so light ...wait I was just gonna let it go for I have touch this area before with all the holy unmarried people.
Who are here for true friendship and that soul mate ,please this is a site of I thought adults ,looking to fill what there lives are missing in all areas friendship ,another company ,good conversation and sexual desires.So I looked over the member registration and didn't see any where on there that married people are not allowed on this site.
Do these people join to just remind married people that they are evil...lol.I'm sorry I'm so not evil and I will not be treated that way by anyone with their fowl words to me.for I am a women as many other women here and in the world who seek not to ruin anyone's life especially there own ,but are lonely and that doesn't mean desperate either .It just means they seek more from life than what they are getting,as many men as well . I don't need anyone to tell me of things they have no ideal about ,and that means by condemning those who seek friendship or whatever outside their marriage .First and foremost it's none of you're concern ,what anyone does .One remark was that the married women fill these sites up and that gives the single women no chance in hell ,what in the hell does that mean!!!!!!!!
I am a 42 year old BBW married and personally don't think my being here will lesson any single women's chances of whatever they seek.
with my luck ,,I'll be writing in this blog forever .
well I see allot of people read the blog just don't make a comment maybe I'm too hard or maybe they just don't understand what I'm saying oh well
leave a comment if you would like...

rm_fun40sguy 58M
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8/8/2005 12:52 pm

I completely undertand your situation. I am a 46yo married male who's marriage isnt intimate as it was 20 years ago. Miss the touch and conversation of a woman. People change over time but doesnt mean they are terrible.

Bloomers62 54F

8/10/2005 6:08 am

I so agree fun40sguy ,people do change .doesn't mean they are the scum of the earth or some evil creature .Geezzzz..at least the last time I looked I wasn't evil.......lol...
we all get lonely when the intimate part in our marriages is gone ,so seeking a friend with benefits is what we do its a basic human need ......

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