Real Life Cyber Sex 9  

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2/3/2006 2:32 am

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Real Life Cyber Sex 9

bloodninja: So, we’re like, on a plane
HockeyGirl: yeah.
bloodninja: You wanna beer?
HockeyGirl: Why not.
bloodninja: I gotta go to the bathroom
HockeyGirl: You want me to come with you.
bloodninja: Uh okay
bloodninja: I sit on the basin.
HockeyGirl: I undo your pants
bloodninja: Take your clothes off, so I can see what you got.
HockeyGirl: Yeah I like it when I’m naked.
bloodninja: You want to hold my joystick.
HockeyGirl: I take you in my mouth
bloodninja: Oh yeah, that feels good.
bloodninja: I bet you like it from behind bitch
HockeyGirl: Oh yeah, I’m wet and waiting
bloodninja: I jump off the basin and slam my joystick into your cockpit
bloodninja: But your head bangs into the door. It opens and you fall into the aisle
HockeyGirl: watch it you dumb f*ck.
bloodninja: You knock into the stewardess and she spills a pot of boiling water over your naked breasts
HockeyGirl: This is stupid
bloodninja: Everyone turns to look as your skin starts to blister and peel off.
bloodninja: Pretty soon there’s no skin left on your body at all
HockeyGirl: I’m not doing this you fuckwit
bloodninja: Suddenly the plane lurches and the stewardess’s trolley slams into your face, knocking out all your teeth
bloodninja: You roll down the aisle, all raw flesh and bleeding gums
bloodninja: I start to feel a bit queasy at the sight
HockeyGirl: Get off my phone you sicko perv
bloodninja: I press the call button “stewardess I need a glass of water, I’m not feeling too good”
HockeyGirl: *CLICK*

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2/3/2006 5:02 am


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