Real Life Cyber Sex 7 (part 2)  

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1/21/2006 7:57 am

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Real Life Cyber Sex 7 (part 2)

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Real Life Cyber Sex 7 (part 1)

Bloodninja: We got off on the wrong foot.
Bloodninja: Wanna start over?
FairyDust: No
Bloodninja: I'll eat your pussy
FairyDust: You'll what?
Bloodninja: You heard me.
Bloodninja: I said I'd eat your pussy.
FairyDust: I thought you said you couldn't get it hard after seeing my picture
Bloodninja: Do I need a hard-on to eat your pussy?
FairyDust: I'd like to know that the man eating me out is excited yes
Bloodninja: Well I'm not like most men.
Bloodninja: I get excited in different ways.
FairyDust: Like what?
Bloodninja: Do you really wanna know?
FairyDust: I don't know
Bloodninja: You have to tell me yes or no.
FairyDust: I'm afraid to
Bloodninja: Why?
FairyDust: cause
Bloodninja: cause why?
FairyDust: well lets see
FairyDust: you say you have sex with turkeys. You call me fat. then you wanna eat me out
FairyDust: doesn't that seem strange to you?
Bloodninja: Nope
FairyDust: well its strange to me
Bloodninja: Fine. I won't do it if you don't want me to
FairyDust: I didn't say that
Bloodninja: So is that a yes?
FairyDust: I guess so.
Bloodninja: Ok. I need your help getting excited though.
Bloodninja: Are you willing?
FairyDust: What do you need me to do?
Bloodninja: I need you talk like a pirate.
FairyDust: ???
Bloodninja: When I start to go limp... you say "HARRRR!!!"
Bloodninja: ok?
Bloodninja: Hello?
FairyDust: You can't be serious
Bloodninja: Oh yes I am!
Bloodninja: It's my fantasy.
FairyDust: this is retarded
Bloodninja: Do you want it or not?
FairyDust: Yes I want it.
Bloodninja: Then you'll do it for me?
FairyDust: sure
Bloodninja: Ok. Here we go.
Bloodninja: I gently remove your panties and begin to massage your thighs.
Bloodninja: You get really juicy thinking about my tounge brushing up against them
Bloodninja: I softly begin to tounge your wet pussy.
Bloodninja: I run my tounge up and down your smooth slit.
FairyDust: mmmm yeah
Bloodninja: uh oh ...going limp.
FairyDust: Har
Bloodninja: You gotta do better than that!
Bloodninja: Your picture was really bad.
Bloodninja: Ahhhh. Much better. I feel your pussy get more moist with every stroke.
Bloodninja: I softly suck on your clit bringing it in and out of my mouth.
Bloodninja: Your juices run down my chin as your scent makes its way to my nose.
Bloodninja: I begin to feel empowered by your femininity.
FairyDust: mmmmmm you are good
Bloodninja: I feel your thighs tighten as I suck harder
Bloodninja: going limp
Bloodninja: Mmmm I grab your swelling buttocks in my hands.
Bloodninja: You begin to sway back and forth.
Bloodninja: going limp
FairyDust: this is stupid
Bloodninja: ...still limp
Bloodninja: Do it!
Bloodninja: I turn you around to lick your asshole.
Bloodninja: I pry apart that battleship you call your ass.
Bloodninja: I see shit nuggets hanging from the hair around your asshole.
FairyDust: WTF?!?!?
Bloodninja: They stink really bad.
FairyDust: OMG STOP!!!
Bloodninja: I start to get fed up with your ugly ass
Bloodninja: I tear off your wooden peg leg.
Bloodninja: I ram it up your ass.
Bloodninja: Then I pour hot caramel over your head.
Bloodninja: And turn you into a fucking candy apple...
Bloodninja: I kick you in the face!
Bloodninja: The celluloid from your cheeks hits the side of the cabin...
Bloodninja: Your parrot flys away.
Bloodninja: ...going limp again.
Bloodninja: Hello?
Bloodninja: Say it!
Bloodninja: HAARRRRRR!!!!!

rm_purrfectpink 41F
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1/24/2006 5:03 am

I really love your sence of humor! HARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

LIBlonde97 40F
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1/28/2006 4:04 pm

OMG I have *tears* going down my face I'm laughing so hard.

Fucking Bloodninja....

I love this blog.


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