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As she down her towel on her backyard lawn, thinking to herself what a lovely summers day.
Dressed in her bikini, she sat down and began to remove her top, exposing her enormous breast, looking down on her self thinking what a wonderful sight that she had been blessed with.

Taking her sun tan lotion she began to gently rub it all over her stomach, down her arms, and placing a big squirt of the lation on each breast. She began to gently massage the oils into her skin, feeling the warm rays on her breasts, which felt so wonderful and warm, and made her feel completely free, and exposed.
As she massage the cream, her nipple began to get hard, arousing her. She began to think about the gentleman she had invited to her place the night before, and the passion that they had shared.

He being ten years younger than her, tall, with a strong lean body. Rather muscular, but not too much. Just the picture of perfection, how a man should look. With silken youthful skin, that to the touch was so pleasureable, and to be wrapped in his arms.

She lied on the towel to relish in the memory of the passion that she had share with this young buck. The passionate kisses that seemed to last forever, as he layed on her bed next to her, both naked, flesh on flesh. His penis against her thigh, hard and moist. His mouth upon her nipples, licking them and sucking them so gently as if to adore her.

The excitement rising within her body, wanting more of him, thinking of his penis which was going to be inside of her. She placed her hand to feel the hardness of it. It excited her so much, that she moved down his body, to kiss his penis and put it in her mouth. The taste so sweet, the warmth, and hardness of him, throbbing in her mouth. Him, lying back to receive the pleasure with gratitude. Tasting, licking and sucking him. Whilst her pussy began to become so wett and throbbing, acking for him to be inside of her.

She couldnt wait any longer. She got up and sat over him, placing his penis in her now, oh, so wet pussy. Feeling him inside of her, she sat up, so that he could enter her as far as he could go.

He placed his hands on her enormous breast, pulling gently on her nipples, only to add to her excitement. Making her pussy throb, going up and down on his cock, feeling his manhood, within her. Not wanting to stop she exploded in an overwhelming orgasm. He wett pussy pullsating on his penis. Yet, not quenching the excitement, wanting more.

He rolled her on her back, and came inside of her again, lie on her kissing her passionately.
Exploring her, joining himself to her. Both locked in space and time of eurphoric pleasure.

As he held her so tight he began to thrust him manhood inside of her. Sweating with excitement, over whelmed with passion. Exploding in shear pleasure. He let go with an enormous gasp, exploding the juices of their passion inside of her.

Falling upon her, as if she had taken away all the pressure from him, setting him on a euphoric pinnacle.

He lied there holding her, in gratitude not wanting, or caring to move.

As she lie there in the sun re-living the memory in her mind, she wanted to hold on to it for- ever, but she knew the memory would fade. She also knew she had to be there again with him.

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