Klakety klackery Crack!  

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5/26/2006 4:20 am

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Klakety klackery Crack!

Im starting to suffer from BLOG MANIA. It there is such a thing. I realy however need to get back to my juicy stories, enough of the jokes now and enuendoes. Did I dream about you last night. Were you tall (over 6ft i might add) dark hair with a great body, not overly muscular, and the most irressitable penis I have ever seen. Well I went over my head to try and work my brain to see if I could come up with the hottest guy that I have been with. Well! you at this stage want to know if I come up with anything.
Well my mind goes blank except for this one guy that I love to .....you fill in the words and I can tell you if I get my hands on him, there will be a lot of filling in to do.
Well the hole problembo is guys tell you Ill do this and Ill do that, and when you get there well 'Your doing it all'. Not only that they expect you to be an instant orgasm machine.
"Come on Babe come with me" .....HELLO! What happened to I love to pleasure a lady first. You know the old tongue trick that plenty of you must know about by now.
Well Id like to say dont bother fu.... me hard just give me what I want.
Whats that! Well-Yes! I do want the spa room and the champagne. Yes! I do want a long kissing session. Yes! I do want you to put your hands down my pants and oh so gently caress my clit, (if Im allowed to say that,) and yest give me Oral, Oral, and more Oral. Call me weird or something I think the whole problem is that we all want to act like porno stars and forget the art of true EROTICA, which is centered around the kissings and fondlings whilst in the arms of another experiencing the passionate kisses of our youth. Or do I have to hook-up with younger men for that. However even they have maybe not been versed on the errogenious area of a womans body. Can we have this in a casual encounter is it too much to ask? she says. I think a lot of people are so hung up on thinking that everyone they have an intimate encounter with wants to have a relationship if they dont act like their on the directors couch.
Maybe my expection is a little too much to ask but Im telling you unless I go there dont expect to see me again. Yet can I have had this satisfaction in a casual interlude and I beleive its all about not be afraid to share the best you have to give to another person. Maybe other people just dont think Like me.
Ill give you a little guided tour into the erotic places on a persons body.
1. Kissing the mouth
2. The soft kisses on a person neck. (talking about that I had a guy one lie me on my stomach and he kissed my body all over on the back of me for at least 45mins and I tell you was I wet after that).
3. Kissing around the -either around the ladies or in the case of a male genitalia.
4. Placing warm oils all other the body and sliding each others body against each other, whilst kissing. (love it)
4A. ORAL, please Oral.....
5. Slow motion intercoure leaving the hard and fast until last.
Well thats it for now what do you think! Do you like the hardcore get into sex. Or like me the slow erotic touch all over a person body with slow movements type of interludes?

puntachueca 105M

5/26/2006 6:16 am

That's how I like it to be...
now if there was only a woman around here interested.

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