Blondies at it again!  

BlondieEuro 52F
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5/16/2006 4:55 am

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6/1/2006 7:47 am

Blondies at it again!

Blondies at it again. I guess your looking for some juicy tale from me. Hey. Go girl. Juicy Juicy Juicy, well after 3 weeks of being on this Adultffind. Ive met so far one guy. He was quite nice, only problembo is we havent hooked up yet. Not to worry Ive got a few on the burner at the moment. Well! get to it girl. Well you remember this friend of mine in Uniforms and Lapdances well we did quite a bit of going to strip joints. Im the perfect girl to take their as I love to see women strip. At this other place in town there was this Latino girl. Man i tell you she had the HOTTEST and i mean HOTTEST body Id ever seen (naked). My friends love going out with me because we can perve on the girls together. Well i said to my friend shes got to give us a lap dance. So out the back we went. Sitting us down and telling us we cant touch. (Wow not touching, talk about tantric sex) Well sit down we did. Next minute she was swaying and slowly removing her clothes to reveal the most perfect breasts id ever seen (no where near as big as mine) but shapely and firm and perky, I know what you guys mean by perky. Lovely lace nickers (G-strings i might add) Slowly removing them whilst swaying to and through. I am gettig wett wett wett again. I told her she was beautiful. So my friend and I decided to go night cubbing afterwards to see if we could get lucky again. We tried to pick up two chicks, but couldnt get them to come home with us. So my friend being quite financial at the time suggested we go to a Parlor. Parlor wow. Next cab please! Of we went to one in the city. There were about 4 girls on at the time one quite buxom and curvy (young peice) and the other a bit older and more experienced. Well we couldnt decide which one to take. *Ill just take both* I blurted out (who said that). So both we had. My friend (by the way who is a male in case your wondering) was getting really excited. The thing I liked about this guy was he was happy to just watch me be pleasured, that was one of the many nice things about him. The only problem was these girls didnt want to do anything. Dilemma! Lets see it anyone else is available now. So this sweet little Blondie came out and yes she was perfect. Perfects not the word for her. I tell you she loved lickin pussy. She lied me down on that bed and I didnt know what hit me. I think for about 3 hours I was on cloud (who knows what number) Number! I lost count of the times she made me cum. I even forgot my friend was there. Dont worry He had her after she had finished me. (not without me licking her and getting her off too). Now Boys dont get discouraged because nothing beats a mans hard throbbing cock inside. At the end of the evening I do beleive I was becoming quite the little Sl (I call it sexually liberated). Most guys are sexually liberated so why cant us women be? Mind you I am very fussy who I go with though. It takes a bit of deliberation on my part, due to the fact that I like to make sure I pick the right person, because if I enjoy a mans company I always want to know I can go there again. The right Chemisty is not always easy to find.

69er_bedfellow 54M
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5/17/2006 7:34 pm

Wow Blondie,
a wonderful read,
I'll be keeping an eye on your blogs. Maybe we can catch up in the chat room some time.
Have 2 Much Fun


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