My thoughts and feelings about AFF, how bout yours?  

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11/25/2005 9:53 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My thoughts and feelings about AFF, how bout yours?

I joined AdultFriendFinder to explore my sexuality and to bring some excitement in to our bedroom. Never really fully understanding what all of this could do for me and for us. Since AdultFriendFinder our sex life has intensified and I did not realize how sexual I could be.
There are so many wonderful people on this site and there are some creepies but I have been pretty lucky so far.
I am not a kiss and tell kinda girl, but dayum some of the people i have met have really been GREAT!!! I so look forward to meeting more new and women both. There is nothing better than checkin out a profile and then being contacted by that person and then possibly meeting for some fun. I absolutely love it!!! AdultFriendFinder has been great for my marriage in so many ways. Thanks to all the wonderful people on this site my hubby has really thanks!!!
And I also have benefited as I have made some wonderful friends and had some great fun with others.
Ok now for the good stuff....I love sex!!! Nuttin better than gettin all excited and soaking wet waiting for that moment when it all cums together. And boy has it cum together a few times. There is something about no strings attached hot sweaty sex that really excites me. So if you have any thoughts or the same thoughts as i let me know.

Blondie0171 46M/46F

11/26/2005 10:48 pm

I am sorry if this site does not work out great for everyone, but I guess then we would have that perfect world we all dream Anyway I too experience some of the glitches that come along with the site, but my good experiences by far exceed the bad. I have met some GREAT people here and some I will even call my friends for life. There are so many HOT people and thankg goodness I have had the pleasure of meeting some of them. I have had some awesome experiences with a few people and look forward to the next great experience. So yes thee are glitches ehre, but I will deal with them and accept them for all the good things I have gooten in return from this site. Where else can I find like minded people who enjoy sex as much as I do and my need for discretion be respected. So all you Hot poeple enjoy this site and get everything out of it that you can. Life is too short so have FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!

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