It's the BlondAndBlueLuvv Show!  

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4/8/2006 4:16 pm

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8/14/2006 12:35 pm

It's the BlondAndBlueLuvv Show!

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in to the greatest tv/web/blog-cast show to date. My first guest is the legendary intellectual and BlondAndBlueLuvv Magazine's sexiest man alive for 2006: BlondAndBlueLuvv!

B&BL: First off thanks for being here. It's always such a pleasure.
BlondAndBlueLuvv: Thank you, It's great to be here.
B&BL: I have to say, you look great. I can see why every supermodel and totally hot actress is screaming for your phone number.
BlondAndBlueLuvv: Thank you. It's true, I do look great.
B&BL: I understand you brought a clip from your latest movie?
BlondAndBlueLuvv: Did they send that over? The studio wants me to push it, but you know how humble I am...
B&BL: Oh, stop it. Let's roll the clip!
(We see a montage of action clips the likes of which have never been attempted anywhere that has gravity. Then we see some rather saucy romantic scenes that have never been attempted anywhere that has gravity - wink, wink!)
B&BL: That was amazing! What's the title of the film?
BlondAndBlueLuvv: "BlondAndBlueLuvv defeats all evil everywhere and women are powerless to resist him II".
B&BL: I hear it's selling out theaters worldwide and the film isn't even done being shot yet.
BlondAndBlueLuvv: That's true. Audiences around the globe are hungry for a story they can believe in. This is that story.
B&BL: Is it true that the Academy has suspended voting and just started bringing the Oscars directly to your mansion?
BlondAndBlueLuvv: Oh stop! You're embarrassing me! Yes, I do have some extra "lawn statuary" now.
B&BL: Wow. Well, thanks for stopping in. We have to go to commercial break...

BlondAndBlueLuvv 52M
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4/10/2006 2:03 pm

The critics rave:
"The most insightful show of the year! *****!" - BlondAndBlueLuvv

"Better spelling than any other infotainment/dramedy/musical variety show on air to date! *****!" - Mrs. Blodger (BlondAndBlueLuvv's former English teacher)

"Stop making all that damned keyboard clacking noise! You're keeping me awake! *****!" - BlondAndBlueLuvv's Mother

BlondAndBlueLuvv 52M
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4/17/2006 4:22 pm

Memorandum from the CEO:

Effective immediately, Ineedit560 will be promoted to Marketing Director.
In related news, longtime supporter, friend, and backbone of the BlondAndBlueLuvv Network, Ed Gimmler has been replaced as Marketing Director. Sorry Ed. Say "Hi" to the little woman for me. Your parking will only be validated for 5 minutes after security escorts you out.
There will be a reception for our new M.D. with punch and cake at 4pm (Mary, if you could scrape the "Happy 50th Ed" off the cake ahead of time, I'd appreciate it)...

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