BlondAndBlueLuvv Episode II: Don't fear the weiner  

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4/12/2006 4:14 pm

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BlondAndBlueLuvv Episode II: Don't fear the weiner

Hey evvabuddy. We're back for our second season due to an unprecedented groundswell of viewer support. We're already talking about releasing this to DVD. China is interested. Very interested. Tonight we bring you the very best of BlondAndBlueLuvv in concert: Live at BootyKhan:

BlondAndBlueLuvv walks out center-stage in his traditional unassuming yet utterly captivating manner.

BlondAndBlueLuvv: "Thank all 500 thousand of you for coming! I'd like to play a little number for you. Stop me if you've heard it..." (The crowd laughs)

(We hear a 4 hour instrumental extravaganza that brings grown men to tears and women's panties and hotel keys to the stage-front. In the end, everyone is left with a profound understanding of themselves, and the world around them.)

BlondAndBlueLuvv: "Thank you. I'll be signing autographs down front here. Just form a single-file line. Ladies wanting me to sign their breasts should have them exposed when you get close to the front of the line. No, no, you don't have to expose them yet..."

Dedication to his fans and his music are his trademarks. Thank you and goodnight...

BlondAndBlueLuvv 52M
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4/12/2006 5:08 pm

"The single greatest concert ever broadcast in a blog! EVER! 5 Screaming Guitars!" - BlondAndBlueLuvv Magazine: Rock and Roll Edition

"How he can play lead and rhythm guitar simultaneously is amazing enough, but drums and keys too! Plus solos! 5 Raging Drum-kits!" - Mr. Dunsmore (BlondAndBlueLuvv's music teacher)

"Turn that crap down! It's 10-f#&%-ing 30! I got kids for f^%@s sake! 5 Welfare Babies!" - Mr. Tanneger (BlondAndBlueLuvv's neighbor)

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