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2/24/2006 8:15 am

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Thing Of The Day! - DICK PICS! -

So I've noticed quite a polarity amongst the women on this site.

Type 1 - Loves the cock shot! Wouldn't dream of deleting a perfectly good phallus from her photo file. Hell, she might even save it onto her hard drive, just so she can go back and ponder the possibilities.

Type 2 - Hates the cock shot! Does not want her first impression of a man to be an enlarged, perfectly cropped, tip to balls picture of obviously his smarter (and possibly better looking) dong. Deletes e-mail immediately if not sooner.

I list them in no particular order, giving no preference to either view. I honestly don't give a crap which, I've appealed my case to both juries and been found guilty in both courts. I understand both views, and am torn as to which I would myself prefer if I were a woman.

But I'm not.

Please let me state for the record, that I, BlogginKat, goat-boy extraordinaire, Head waiter at the 'Big Guy's' Garden Party, and altogether atypically typical male, have absolutely no problem with being sent an enormous, perfectly cropped, fine detail photograph of any woman's vagina. I will assure you it will be saved and very likely cherished thoroughly by myself and possibly others. (Of course this does not apply to Face Photos! Strict confidentiality will be observed with these ,as always, per request)

Of course, for the record, that is not all that I'm interested in, but hey, I do have a DICK!

So, type 1's, remember to read what the Dick has written, it is probably a better clue to who the guy is than his photo!
And type 2's, lighten up just a bit, jeez, it is just a silly sex site! You gotta expect dick photos here, silly!


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