The Pole Poll  

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2/23/2006 8:39 am

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The Pole Poll

1. Does size matter?
2. What is average?
3. Is average ok?
4. When is big too big?
5. When is small too small?
6. Hairy and natural? Neat and trimmed? Shaved like a baby's bottom?
7. Do women like balls?
8. Does the size of the balls matter as well?
9. How about the Balzac, or scrotum (such a horrible word, huh?). Loose and baggy? Tight and close?
10. Cut or un?
11. How about pierced? This question deserves responses from both sides. Does the piercing enhance pleasure, or is it purely ascetic? What does it do for the guy? How about her sensations?
Come on, a Prince Albert is a major investment of penile material, just better be damn sure something like that is worth all the hype, HUH?

This concludes our test. In case of a real emergency I would have just called my mom.
Let me know what the answers are, I'm eager with...


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