One Foot, Two Foot, Her Foot, Blew Foot!  

BlogginKat 43M
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3/6/2006 6:55 am
One Foot, Two Foot, Her Foot, Blew Foot!


To some they are but the things that we humans tread upon the face of this glorious planet Earth. Simply the objects below the shins or ankle and above the ground. They ache and swell. Sweat and stink. Dry and blister. Toe nails and bunions. Occasionally, if you are so very unlucky, you may even sport a patch of planters' warts.

Not the stuff of sexual bliss and fantasy...

...or is it?

No, silly, I don't sit around and beat my meat to shoe catalogs. I don't work at Kenney's or Foot Locker. A foot-job doesn't even remotely sound attractive to me (Ok, well maybe).

But, and it's a big one (I like big butts and I cannot lie!), I have been known to suck a toe, nibble an instep, gently kiss and caress an arch.
My better half claims a direct connection in the wiring between pod and punnany. If I have her toe in my mouth during sex, I truly must expect an orgasmic rinsing from navel to knees!

Anyone else to backup the foot phenomena? Not a freak, just for the feeling? And no, I don't get any pleasure from her feet in my mouth, other than the inherent joy received from seeing her pleased!

Ok, maybe this IS a little weird...

...wash your feet, Ok?

Getting her toes wet,


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