Asexual individuals  

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4/5/2006 4:54 pm

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Asexual individuals

I was watching the news today and saw a website for a group of individuals who aren't interested in having sex with either gender....I found this extremely interesting. According to its founder, they can become sexually aroused but prefer not to deal with the "complication" of sex. According to the polls and includes a large sector of women who just don't want to do it at all. I can really relate to this, I consider myself a sexual being but I have gone through periods of celibacy where I am not particularly interested in sex at all...I wonder if that is the case, do a great majority of women have the capacity to be asexual. I find it interesting that men are so preoccupied with sex..there must be some biological reason for there were very few men on the site.

knokmeout 34M

5/7/2006 3:14 am

There are some men who are asexual, me being on of them. Being that way is such a diversion from the "normal" male ways that most people, 99% think I am gay. There are times when touch is allowed, like now, but those times are few and far between, like now, and the needs don't get satisfied when they come because of the inexperience. If you can help me out in any way please do.

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