Politics suck (the gang mentality)  

BlkNInsatiable2 48M
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7/31/2006 6:56 am
Politics suck (the gang mentality)

I promise this type of post is the exception rather than the rule.

One of the reasons my tv has written me a "you hardly touch me " letter is I hate that the odds of turning on the tv and seeing "reality" or some assclown talking about politics. Am I the only one that find s the whole "Red vs Blue" state frightningly simlar to crips and bloods? Helluva coincidence. George Washington, a slave owning, whorehouse frequenting, elitist prick, but still a decent man for the time, warned abput the formation of political parties. I have no doubt that it leads to an us versus them mentality thatgets more and more extreme to the point that both sides forget that they are not that much different. reminds me of that old episode of star trek where there are two enemies out to destroy each other because he claims the other is sooooooooooooo differnt. one is white on the left side and black on the other. The enemy is black on the left side and white on the right. You take two random high ranking Democrats and two high ranking Repuiblicans and I say it's a fair bet that both of them have more in common with each other than either have in common with you or I. The last Presidential election was a prime case. You had two very wealthy, Yale educated, Skull and Bones members. technically sworn brothers who have secrets they canot share with their spouses. Why is this relevent? Well...what the hell is the difference between a crip and blood? i have yet to find some philosophical difference that is so profound that it clearly shows that the difference is more than a choice or a preference for a color. Granted Democrats and Republicans in theory should be more different but the truth is they are both wings on the same damn bird. Occassionally they talk different. If you were in a cell with a Demothug and a Republothug, you are getting fucked in the ass. The difference is the Republothug is going to tell you he's going to do it and convince you that you should like it and that it somehow will make you safer from the other thugs. The Demothug is going to play with your ass, claim he's not going to actually penetrate and just when you believe it....OUCH, he's fucking you too and trying to convince you he's not. It becomes simly a matter of preference on how you like to be anally .

When I hear these guys on tv (people who have somehow become experts on the middle east despite not giving afghanistan a thought outside of importing rugs and/or opium in a decade) talk out their asses and repeat the same rhetoric.

Anyway, you won't get another political rant out of me. I just woke up horny as hell and got tv instead of pussy. pay me no mind.

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