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7/11/2006 7:08 am

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Anonymous Sex

It's so funny, I get so horny in the summer, the hotter it is outside the hornier I get! Wish I had help doing the things my kinky mind comes up with! What would be important is to do it when it comes up, not spend days planning it, that takes the fun out of it. I then have time to come to my senses, and say, girl you know that shit is crazy!
Well, I thought I'd troll the profiles, find some likely guys and send them email. See if they might be interested in my wild fantasty....
It's another hot and muggy night, the sky is clear, full moon, no rain in the forecast, thank goodness! I've arranged for six guys to help me with my kinky idea, I've told them where and when. Each one has been given a different time, spacing them about 45 mins. apart, I don't expect anyone to take that long!
Earlier in the day I'd found an abandoned factory with a guard shack. The area was covered with tall grass and the shack was engulfed with vines. It wasn't difficult to get to but it was off the main roads, so I knew the only people that would show up were those looking for it.
I had to pull some of the vines from the door just to get in. Once I got in I found that a chair and a small desk had been left. How perfect! All I needed was some water, a blanket, some lube, a pillow and a towel. I pulled the desk in front of the door and checked the height it was going to work for fucking unless somebody was too short and if that was the case then maybe I would just give them a blow job!
So, here I was waiting, I was on my knees on the desk with my dress pulled up, pussy wet and available! I could hear someone coming. I couldn't see who it was. Didn't want to see who it was. The moon provided all the light they needed to find me.
I could hear him unzip, his pants hit the ground, I could hear him open and put on a condom. He began rubbing my ass, he rubbed my clit, then he put his cock in my pussy it wasn't very fat, but it was nice and long!
It was happening! I was being fucked and well fucked by a faceless stranger! No talking, just the wonderful sounds of fucking, grunting, my ass slapping against his stomach has I rode back to meet his thrusts. He grabbed me around my hips to pull me closer. He reached around to rub my clit, he pulled on it gently, rolling it between his fingers, applying just enough pressure that was just this side of pain. He started fucking me faster, I knew he was close to cumming, I squeezed my pussy tight around his cock. Just before he blew his load, he pulled out, took the condom off and jacked off on my ass!
He zipped up and left.
I was so hot, I hadn't cum yet, I was holding back, I wanted to enjoy the tension, the frustration of wanting, but not quite getting satisfied. I knew that when I did cum it would be very strong.
I didn't have very long to wait before the next guy showed up. The cum wasn't even dry on my ass yet! I enjoyed feeling it drying.
I could hear him putting on the condom. He wasted no time shoving his cock in my pussy! His cock was small, he was the one I decided should fuck my ass! I hadn't had my ass fucked in years! But tonight I wanted it very badly!
I reached for the lube and handed it to him, with hand signals I indicated what he should do. He caught on very quickly! He applied a generous amount of lube to my asshole, using short fat fingers to work it in. He began easing his cock in my ass, he was good, he knew to be gentle and allow me time to adjust to the feel of his cock. He waited until I had relaxed enough to ease back on it. Once he was all the way in and I could feel his balls on my pussy, he went very still.
It had been so very long since I'd had a cock in my ass, it felt wonderful! He was just the right size for this! I could feel him throbbing, I couldn't wait any longer I began fucking his cock slowly. He put his fingers in my pussy and alternated with playing with my clit.
Before long he was fucking me in earnest and I was meeting him thrust for thrust! I could feel him swelling, getting ready to cum, getting bigger, filling my asshole. Quickly he pulled me closer and thrust one, two times and shoved in harder! I could feel his cock throbbing as he came! With that I couldn't hold out any longer I had my own orgasm!
He held on to me until I was finished. Then he gently pulled out, caressed my ass, gently kissed my ass and left. Damn!!!
Shit! I was so ready for more! And I still had 4 more to go!

Now although this is a fantasy of mine I would so dearly love to make it happen. Life is so short, I do not want to spend any time thinking about shoulda's coulda's and woulda's. My thoughts on why this is so exciting to me are, I'm so fucking picky about who I fuck, that I don't fuck a lot.
He can't be fat, ugly, old looking, too young, too old, too short, too stupid, too cocky...the list goes on!
I get pissed at the hang-ups I have would choke a fucking horse! So in this way I get the fucking I want without getting my hang-ups in the way. Will I beat myself up with guilt later? Maybe. I mean what kind of woman would do such a thing?! There goes the good girl, Catholic thinking. But, will I find myself masturbating to memories? YES!!
I do believe something like this would allow me to break free of the crippling hang-ups and enjoy sex as it's meant to be enjoyed.
Will this fantasy come true? Prolly not

hrdashell35 46M
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7/11/2006 4:23 pm

I would love to help you with your fantasy, constantly givin you satisfaction thru them summer hot days & nights, if i'm not mistaken some real nice hot weather is on the way.


BlkF4BiGuynChgo replies on 7/12/2006 5:18 am:
Good morning,
thanks for the offer but for right now I think I'll just keep this action in my head!

OurSecret2006 54M

7/23/2006 9:54 am

Hold onto the fantasy. Once it becomes real, the next level of pleasure is even more difficult to attain

BlkF4BiGuynChgo 62F
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7/28/2006 3:21 am

I agree, and it's such a sad thing!

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