Younger men's chances  

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4/24/2005 3:55 am

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Younger men's chances

I recently posted 2 responses to "ready4anything19" re: his questions about the rejection he'd received from older women. Not sure if it posted successfully or when it will appear, but they are as follows, and I hope you find them heartening. My best lover thus far is 26. lol
"Perhaps I'm a bit different than some women. My views have changed with experience. I remember criticizing men...of all ages for their considerable lack of knowledge, skills, correct attitudes. Then wondered- where do they learn them? While not totally responsible, the women a young man experiences vastly influence his attitudes towards women in general. My older brother was a great lover of women of all ages, respectful, adoring, giving...and won the hearts of many till the day he died. I remember he always had an older woman in his life...from about 17 on up...and he cherished her for the woman she was.
I have dated much younger, and depending on what we were mutually looking for...have been very pleased. But the youngest was an ardent young man intent that he desired an older woman for his first experience. This took a considerable amount of thought...and persuasion for me to even entertain the thought of an 18y/o virgin (and yes he was indeed a virgin)
We all recognize and wish the best for a young woman's first sexual encounter...wanting it to be careful, considerate, loving and free of those things that would injure her perceptions of sex for the rest of her life! Young men are no less precious...whether it's their first or simple early in their sexual life.
I never entertained fantasies of a young man or of having a virgin...just wasn't in my repertoire of fantasies. Still he continued to write, conjole, till I realized that if not would be another, perhaps less considerate or even unsafe older woman. I agreed to meet him for coffee (hoping I'd quell some of his appetite, perhaps remind him of his But wasn't the effect at all.
I discovered a very bright, attractive, considerate and fit young man eager to learn what goes into the pleasuring of a woman.
I've no regrets for that sweet sentimental encounter! It gave me the opportunity to impress him with the necessity of safe sex allow him to dismiss the need to be the "perfect" lover the first time...or anytime out. We pleasured, talked, shared, and have heard from him often thanking me for a confident, healthy, secure introduction to lovemaking.
It is not a practice I have sought to repeat, wishing to keep that moment sacred. Yes he wants to continue...having found in an older woman the skills, patience and tender instruction he was seeking/needing.
Most of us are keen to a young woman's preferences for an older more experienced lover...perhaps we should rethink the natural needs of a young man for the same.
I have yet to be condemned for my generosity with this young man...from another man. Yet I doubt my choice would be as understood by other women.
It was tender, exciting, enlightening, and I am honored to have the memory."
Couldn't resist posting this as
Another notable point here. LOL! Several women had valid understandable reasons for lack of interest in younger men. What is absurd are those women accusing you- your profile of offering "only sex" when their own profiles were void of offering any more. Just because there are more men bold enough to post on AdultFriendFinder, is not a reason to devalue them! Seems the numbers game here has gone to the heads of some women. If men were so much cheaper by the dozens in reality...then why do women bother to post here at all? Why not just lasso one on a crowded street corner, use and dispose of him at your will? Demeaning young men who seek to adore you only perpetuates the myth and increases the attitudes in young men that women love to complain about....sounds like "open season" on young men's cocks! OUCH! It is possible to decline a young man's advances without castrating him....get real! We all have worth and value however ineloquent we may seem...something they don't teach in post doctorate academia? LOL!


oldrwomanforu 65F

4/24/2005 7:59 am

Great post!!! Although I've never been with a virgin it is remarkable how easily influenced and impressionable these young men are. I see a couple of much younger men on a pretty regular basis. Ive done a lot of chatting and meeting on here and the younger ones are so much more real, honest and respectful. No matter how long it's been they always have time to say hello and make sure i'm doing well. I've had some surprisingly great sex with them. In fact a 23 yr old brought me to tears!!! He had been with an older woman for his first time and quite a while after that. She certainly taught him well!! Not only the sexual side but I just love talking to them. Their lives are just starting and they have such dreams and hopes. They really surprise me with their views on life, where they want to go and how they are going to get there. Many of them aren't ready for a full-time relationship while they are getting things started but still need the nurturing, closeness and intimacy of a woman. Having met them has certainly enriched my life.

4everfriends00 52M

6/17/2005 10:33 am

well said blaze , think there`s to much rudness and lack of tack when it comes to letting ppl know how one feels.

tomindk 47M
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6/17/2005 11:18 am

WAAUW - So there is (after all) intelligent life at AdultFriendFinder How refreshing to to read the caring, thoughtfull, eloquent post from "Blaze" (And "oldrwoman" - as well for that matter)

Elaborating on your thoughts, you all have to recognize that people are here for a 1000 different reasons, and with a zillion odd needs and wants. So don't get cross even BEFORE some poor soul even thinks about posting a request of some nature, like quite few actually do. I have also noticed that a number of profiles (female) will state something like "serious relationship... candlelight dinner etc." and their profile foto will then almost reveal their ovaries Well - talk about sending out MIXED SIGNALS!

Now referring to the age-issue, the daft, shortsighted, selfish 20 y/o tosser (M or F) will most likely STILL be a tosser when he/she turns 50! So in essence it may just be that simple

Keep it up all (whatever "it" may be )

hotnready170 45M
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6/29/2005 12:49 am

A vary well writen and thought out post. Thank you blaze for your genuine coments.

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