What do you enjoy in a man?  

Blastimus 37M
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3/7/2006 9:39 pm
What do you enjoy in a man?

Welcome back to "Thoughts"! I've been pondering a question. What do women enjoy in a man? I assume that good looks are part of the equasion, but what else catches the attention of the opposite sex? Is there a nearly sure-fire way to make yourself appealing to the opposite sex?

I've been thinking that alot of this has to do with good looks. What female doesn't want a sexy guy? What about guys like myself who are well.. let's say "decent" looking guys? I keep clean, and look good when I want to. As well, I'm a fat guy. This is being changed as we speak, and I've actually dropped 22lbs in the past couple of months. It won't be long until I have to change my blog to "Thoughts from the man"! Mind you, at 6'2, I'm still a big guy!

The thought at the heart of my pondering goes something like this..

How many women would be willing to experience a less than attractive guy, IF he had legendary skill in the bedroom?

By example, to use myself, I'm definatly above average in the oral skill department. I LOVE giving and receiving oral, as any of you who've ever taken a look at my profile would see.

"Yeah yeah, B. I'm sure you're THAT good.. Come on! How can an average looking guy be any good at anything? Only hot guys are good in bed.."

Don't get me wrong. I can understand the fact that more attractive people have a more potent foot in the door right off the bat. I wonder how many ladies are missing the ride of their lives because the average dude is overlooked in favour of the attractive guy who is useless in the bedroom?

Well, this sure sounds like a self-promotion, doesn't it? Don't take me the wrong way, I'd love to show ANY lady willing the power of my legendary oral, but I'm wondering how many poor girls are settling for less than crazy action because they passed up a chance with a slightly goofy looking guy who ends up having a 12-incher and can weild it like one of the Musketeers?

I myself, have seen the wisdom of looking at ALL people, not just the attractive young girls on this site. I'll tell you all, loud and proude, that I'd LOVE the chance to be educated by a woman 10 years my senior! I would love to experience the best oral of my life, and be happily un-critical of how hot the person doing it is.

To sum up, I suppose what I'm getting to is that the whole world would be much happier, and much more satisfied, by trying something they don't normally try.

On that note, I'm more than happy to show off my legendary skill.... Any takers

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