The wearing of the green!  

Blastimus 38M
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3/17/2006 9:06 am
The wearing of the green!

Welcome to a special St. Patrick's Edition of "Thoughts"

First off, the Big Man hopes you're all wearing your green to celebrate this most wonderful of holidays, St. Patrick Day. The only time of year where everyone is Irish for a day.

Yeah, that includes you too!

I encourage you to go forth, drink heartily, and spend time with friends.

St. Patrick kicked the ass of a cult of snake worshipping heathens so you could go out and drink hard today! You owe it to St. Patrick to drink at least one Green Beer, and one shot of whiskey on this holiest of days.

For those of you in Whitby, Ontario.. (which is like 5 people out of 21+ million on this site) I'll be partying up between JP Fitzpatrick's and Jack Astors. I tell you all to come out and drink hard with the Big Man. You would be offending St. Patrick if you did not do so.

As for myself.. Am I irish? No, I'm half Arabic and half North American Indian. Today, though.. I'm as Irish as a leprechaun!


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