Blastimus 37M
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3/27/2006 8:46 pm

Welcome again to Thoughts from the BIG MAN!

Well, it has finally happened! Tomorrow, I go for a job interview with a new company! I have finally broken free of the world of the unemployed. As a few of you may know, 2 weeks ago, I lost my job. I have since been working each and every day to acquire a new one. I have sent out sooo many resumes, that you couldn't even comprehend the number if I could even recall it! The point is... I've been a busy guy, and haven't had too much return.

It seems to me that this is chiefly due to my lack of post-secondary experience on my resume.

I know what you're all thinking:
"Geez, B. If you want to get a job, you have to go to university!". Well, I would challenge any fresh university grad to know 1/10 of the stuff I know about my field out of experience. Why do you think that some of the most crucial jobs in the world are taught through apprenticeships? Because University only teaches you the "Why" of something.. and not the "How".

I don't want to knock people with a university education. Years spent partying and drinking are valuable ways of learning this or that..

Real experience is developed in the Real World.

How many university grads hit the job market running, only to find they hit the experience wall? I'd be curious to see how well green candidates perform next to experienced ones.

I suppose I am bitter because I know that my experience is so much more than someone fresh out of school, but for some reason, employers want to see a degree.

This may all change as of tomorrow, however. I may be gainfully employed tomorrow! I hope you all keep your fingers crossed for me

As well.. if anyone needs a technician in the Toronto Area, let me know!


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