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10/20/2005 11:33 am

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we have matured and grown
past the confines of simple friendship
your shape….your form….your very existence
is dependant upon my perception of you….of us
and yet in my mind...all is perfect
fueled by the tales you tell
of hidden desires and secrets long since forgotten
is this the end?
because I have yet to put into words how I feel
I can no longer continue this trend
of being content just to be your friend
like the fabled phoenix….
I too shall take my maiden flight
and proclaim….
I wanna get with you
there…I said it….but let me explain….
I wanna get with you….
like a junkie needs a fix
like a tramp needs her tricks
like the sun needs the moon
and the stars need the sky…..
I wanna get with you
and after serious thought….
I still don’t know why
now that I’ve said it…
I’m stagnant….
like the cold ashes…from which emerges the dawn
I've proven myself true to you....but the question still remains....
are U the one???

(c) Onyxx 2005

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