PAIN!!! (Not the "fun" kind!)  

Blackguy31 47M  
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1/12/2006 4:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

PAIN!!! (Not the "fun" kind!)

This past weekend I mysteriously injured my shoulder. This troubles me something fierce. My main problem is that I can't lift anything any higher than my waste. When I say anything, I mean even my arm by itself.

Scary $#!+ I tell you!

So, I've been prescribed some serious meds for the pain and muscle relaxers to ease the tension in my neck and shoulders.

Can you say "Vicodin"? I thought you could.

I hate taking that $#!+! LOL!

Hopefully, I'll heal up from this and be back out and about. If not I'll have to have an MRI and possible SURGERY. YIKES!!!

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