A Happy Ending  

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11/7/2005 12:44 am

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A Happy Ending

So, yesterday I'm out trying to find a place of my own to stay. A nice reasonable rental home of some kind. Well, after about 3 hours of looking gathering flyers and blah, blah, blah... I realized "hey, football is on and NASCAR is in town today!" So, I decided to go to a local gentlemans club (tittie bar for those that are more uncivilized like me).

Upon arrival I find the perfect spot with 4 plasma TVs: One with the 49ers v. Giants; one with the NASCAR race from the Texas Motor Speedway in Ft. Worth; one withOakland v. Chiefs; one with NFL Network showing all the games highlights and interviews. When you add naked women to the mix I was in heaven!

Right off the bat I approached by a dancer for a dance. I cannot believe I turned her away but I did! She was "hawt"! I watched a little football... Chiefs win... YAY! I tip a few dancers. Only one of the 5 takes the time to, at least, walk up to me later and say "hi". I have a couple of dances from her. Not bad.

Later, when I'm about to call it a day. Around 7:15 or so. The race is over and most of the football games are over and then I'm approached by this really nice looking brunette (It always happens when I'm about to leave). We have a little idle "chitchat" and then I'm asked "how's the dick tonight?"

"You tell me." I said.

So, she finds this dark corner upstairs and we sit. This woman totally does not have the outward appearance of a topless dancer. She has a "Joan Cleaver" look about her but her body "rawkt" and she had a very classic look to her face. Anyway, she began to dance for me and leaned over and said "lets see how miss kitty is". Then turned around and guided my fingers into her pussy.


She then reached back and started stroking my cock through my pants. Then she had the nerve to ask me "do you like that?"

I started to say "What the fuck do you think? Can't you see this bigass smile on my face? Like my hard as hell cock ain't enough information for you." I wimped out and said "yeah." LOL I warned her to be careful that it may go off unwarranted.

We did 4 songs in a row. Two and a half of those had my finger up between her legs. We then took a break because of management walking around... we didn't want to get caught... or should I say "she". She was still stroking my cock and commenting about it. I don't know if she was sincere or putting me on but I always go with the latter unless they ask me if I'm doing anything when they get off work. LOL

I let her dance 2 more songs and she tells me that she's beginning to wonder when she's going to pop me off. At that moment I let her have it!

What a mess! LOL

She then follows with "Yay... Happy Ending!"

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