where were you? i'm smiling if I  

Black__Dragon 46M
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8/18/2005 11:36 am

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5/15/2006 6:12 pm

where were you? i'm smiling if I

When I contemplated ending my life with a Gillette cutting up the vein pouring alcohol to feel the sting... Where were you when I wanted to pull the trigger and share my thoughts... Where were you when the chips were down on the days I couldn’t fashion a smile... Where were you when I finally decided it was time to move on... Where were you when you when I was feeling purple and blue... In a daze fighting the haze and fog that surrounded me consumed me......When I finally said no more....


I'm smiling cause my soul is set free to find love that feeling that has escaped me... I'm smiling that the one has reached out her hand and said come to me... I'm smiling cause I pulled myself from the abyss, shaped shifted and rediscovered the new me... Steady on course with a mended heart now I breathe... New fresh air in my lungs... Reaching out my hand to grab yours with purpose... Pure innocent loving to no end... Drumming up the courage of commitment...

--------------------------------------------If I

Fall will you be there to catch me to complete me to console me... If I commit to you will you stay the same? Sensually, sexually, will you commit your mind, body and soul to me... If I give myself completely will you still respect me, complete me love me... If I keep smiling will there ever be a day these smiles leave me... If I let you peel the final layer away what do you think you will see...

Can you understand the three messages I’m screaming.

Dragon sends

rm_mieze626 52F
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8/18/2005 4:26 pm

I was there for you when you were at your deepest point and most desperate times.
I was there for you when you felt the alcohol sting and I cleaned the wound kissing your tears away.
I was there for you when the fog surrounded you, pulling you out of the haze and giving you oxygen.
I was there for you when you couldn’t go on like this anymore and finally moved on.
I was always there for you!!!

I reached out my hand and you excepted...you made me smile.
I saw your changes to the best, holding your head up high...you made me smile.
I watched you breathing in fresh air and breathing out with calmness...you made me smile.
I watched you lay next to me deep sleep with a smile on your face...you made me smile.
You always make me smile!!!

Why shouldn’t I catch you when you fall?
I always caught you before you even hit the floor - giving you unconditional Love.
Why shouldn’t I stay the same if you decide to commit?
You taught me the breath taking feeling, the total commitment of body, soul and mind. You brought out the best in me, a sensual sexual woman...your deep looks, your true touch - not only caressing my outer...you only know how to caress my heart...
I’m giving you unconditional Love.
Your smiles will never leave...
if we would have nothing else in the world...we will always be able to look at each other and smile because we know that we have us and unconditional Love.
Peel your final layer away and let me take you were you belong and always was seeking for...
Under this final layer I know I will see your unconditional Love!!!

{=} {=} {=}

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