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7/19/2005 4:58 pm

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Father-forgive me for I have sinned.... It’s been a few days since my last e-confession and although I have so much on my mind to say.... I find myself faced with making important decisions in life... In my not to distant past I found myself empty, lost and without a compass and wondering--afraid of the darkness and the loneliness that was my soul... Now I find myself strong, confident and very happy in my present endeavors... The problem I have is that I went from nothing and rejected to highly desired in a very short amount of time and I have a responsibility to myself and those around me to slow down smell the roses and contemplate my path.... Not an easy task cause the flesh is weak... And desires this type of interaction...

My honesty has been a blessing and a curse... My openness has been a blessing and a curse... I want to do right... I also want to protect my interest... But the one thing that continually eludes me is the feeling of Love... Pure, simple unconditional love... It’s what I miss the most... Father don’t get me wrong I care for the people that are in my life very much... In fact too much... I understand this is one avenue that I must solve before I fly solo...

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