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6/11/2005 11:09 am

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--a post with no name--

"If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son... I got 99 problems but a bitch aint one..." Jay Z

Don’t get it twisted--the above quote does not represent how I feel... Jigga he’s one of my favorite artist--keeps it real--and its one of my favorite lines from him... However I will confess it represented a mindset I had while going through and soon after my divorce.... To divide conquer and forget em... I quickly found out that’s totally not my style--being a player... I realized I have a gift and a curse--That I'm a hopeless romantic and communicator and totally consume myself with the idea of love... On a mind, body, soul level, to be honest I thought I forgot how to feel that way but when you run into like minded sensual women it brings out the best in me... I'm in the exploration phase of life, taking in all the new experiences life offers... Rediscovering myself... It’s refreshing to have a smile that was once dominated by anger or laughter replacing my despair... It took 3679 days to get there... But finally I'm there...Its nice to get those butterfly feelings again... Although I’m not ready to settle down I so look forward to the day... Right now I'm living for the moment... It’s so beautiful being honest and free... Everyone who knows me now knows I can be brutally honest and I speak my mind.... An also the pain I experience of moving on... This blog has given me an outlet I never thought would allow me to express my soul... It’s helped me so much more in finding a positive direction in my life. And sorting thing out... I'm very thankful... I know sometimes my post seem negative but feelings are feelings and the people who know me see very differently.. I know as time goes on my writing will have peace… I so feel it growing inside of me…
Got up at 11 today after a wonderful night of flirting... Eye contact with eye candy is a magical thing... Unspoken communication, watching her lips quiver, and the motion of her hips, a raised eyebrow... It's the details that arouse me.... To know when a sexy woman is digging me...and for all to see… Chilled in the VIP surrounded by nothing but ballers and chicken-heads looking for some fast cut... It’s easy to get piece if you know what I mean... But it’s priceless when you find a wonderful woman who’s confident in her sexuality and who she is and can express it regardless of who sees.... To me that’s the difference... When you’re in you own world on the dance floor... Everyone feels your energy... I’m so very selective of whom I dance with for that reason... For me dancing is like making love very intimate, meaningful and lasting… I look forward to you comments this blog brings… Validating my concepts it’s great to be me…

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