Power of a Woman  

Black__Dragon 46M
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6/22/2005 8:08 am

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5/15/2006 4:57 pm

Power of a Woman

Do women truly understand the power they posses? Whether a flirtive glance a smile or a gentle touch.... A woman power is so seductive... Her words can bring a man to his knees... Her intellect can stir the soul... Make men humble... But if used properly you can grow to new heights of ecstasy... Not just sexually also spiritually and mentally... I've experienced both side of her power the abuse and pain I've also enjoyed the sweetness and peace it can bring... Double edge sword I guess... Let me explain...

Some women only harness the seductive side and use it as a tease... In their dress and demeanor looking on to please themselves with the looks of men--then they complain--"why is he looking at me that way” I say put if you put in on the front page I'm going to read it. When in reality it was you craving attention…

Some use it as a weapon in attitude being unsettled unrelenting--better know as bitches--cause of a pain that never wants to be experienced again. I say let it go be free... Learn for the experience... Like your immune system you get the flu and the body adjusts strengthen you love immunity and don’t distrust...

Some only harness the sexual side using that power is dangerous... and should never be your primary source of your power... Harness it cherish it keep it in check... When the right one comes he will respect it. Oh yeah don’t be a prude and use it sparingly--read between the lines on that one.... you’ll see…

I see it all the time on AdultFriendFinder in the chat rooms men scurrying around like vultures over prey only to get lured in... I find it so humorous... and she gets the pick of the liter--when really she only wants the attention--deep inside loneliness prevails... That an example of power misappropriated but the power of a woman in action…

I’m not writing this to hate but maybe for some spirited debate…. I respect the power of a woman… More to follow on this issue… Power of a Man… is still at hand….

--Dragon Sends--

You Say?

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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6/23/2005 8:55 am

Whoa! Trulydivyn said it all, dear Black_Dragon, when it comes to this posting on the POWER OF A WOMAN. We are complex creatures; that is for sure. Don't be misguided by the sultry powers of the woman. A woman that knows how to use those powers will use it well, while holding back the greatest of all those powers she owns with all that she can muster to truly devote the greatest powers to the lucky man that will be all her own.

What you see on the AdultFriendFinder blogs, profiles, etc. is often just the tip of the iceberg what will truly be offered to her life partner forever and forever more (as forever as that may be).

Black__Dragon 46M

6/23/2005 3:49 pm

Finally some spirited discussion Can I stir it or what....? I'm not misguided or being egotistical... I just was floating out a concept I believe in and respect and maybe I should elaborate on some points.

- Yes while I agree women are complex creatures.. My opinion is that women will not fully grasp the full potential of their power over men unless they learn from the lessons of the past. Take risk and boost their confidence. Some women are out there who do not realize how much power they posses. I also feel that a good man also helps bring out and harness a woman’s power which is a huge responsibility for the man because its the basis for a strong relationship and abuse on his part can damage a woman’s self esteem. For those who know me--You know I have a huge respect for women and what they bring to the table. So I meant no disrespect with the comment... I finally wanted to post something to get some feedback and show a different side of me. The part that thinks about topics like this, I find the dynamics of romance fascinating and feel it’s an art form that’s rarely practiced and is missing in relationships... I agree if you see the tip of the iceberg there’s no telling what lies under the waterline. A good skipper knows how to navigate. Feel me

--dragon sends-- you say

Black__Dragon 46M

6/23/2005 3:59 pm

Oops! I forgot a part --also what I see on AdultFriendFinder is funny and I find it sad the men out there are flagrantly on the site salivating in the chat rooms, where the class and being a gentleman. My two cents.

rm_mieze626 52F
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6/24/2005 6:26 am

well i guess i need to put my 25 cents in here too....i see that those 3 categories u mentioned excist in all human beings, woman and man...there is no difference...does not everybody has a strong and weak side? and is not everybody using their strong "power" side to protect the weak one? AdultFriendFinder is a huge masquerade...there r only a few people who r real and don't want to play games...u r right dragon, it is funny and sad, because sometimes i wonder where is the class of the ladies? many of them in AdultFriendFinder make us look like freaking deer in hunting season....know what i mean???

Black__Dragon 46M

6/26/2005 11:03 am

I totally agree and it couldn't have been said better than that. I'm finding during my path of rediscovery that I'm beginning to not care what people think of me. Accept me the way I am or step off. My scars run deep and I'm tired of licking my wounds. I'm embracing the power of a man that I posses. It’s always been inside its time for it to come out.

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