One time for your mind  

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8/22/2005 4:24 am

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One time for your mind

A little something a good friend shared with me I hope she continues to express herself.

Jazz Club pt I "EO"


We walk into the club. It’s virtually empty save a tired looking jazz band, a few wait staff and five or six customers scattered about. You’re wearing nice fitting jeans and a cool shirt. I’m wearing a low cut blouse, mini skirt and some high, open toe heels. We walk together toward a table located in the corner.
We sit side by side instead of across from each other. Our waitress comes, takes our order and returns shortly with our drinks. We exchange some mindless chatter, listen to the music, sip off our drinks and you suddenly pull my chair closer to yours. My pussy immediately gets a tingle and becomes wet in anticipation of what’s coming.
I feel your warm hand land on my calf, move around to my shin and slowly make way up past my knee and on to my inner thighs. Your fingers pull and push and bring your hand to the outside of my panties. I’m hot and my panties are wet. Your fingers move up and down teasing my pussy and I try to look cool taking another sip from my drink.
You slide a finger under my panty, move toward my wet pussy and play there for long moments. When you’re done you remove your hand and deliver it to your wine glass where you then trace the rim of the glass with your wet finger leaving my juices there to add some sweetness to your wine. You lick your finger, take a sip from the glass and smile.
I’m a mess and need to regain my composure. I excuse myself and make way to the ladies room working my heels as best I can in hopes you’re watching so you can be teased by the sway of my ass. Once in the bathroom, I’m alone and want to relieve myself, but at the same time want to save this pent up energy for you.
I decide to take off my panties. I wipe my pussy with the panties soaking them with my juices and teasing my pussy making it even wetter. I leave the bathroom, see you looking at me and walk back toward the table; my juices are flowing so hard that my thighs are wet and slippery. When I get to you I extend my hand and you reach out. I hand you my panties, ask you to hold them for me and I sit down. You stare at the panties in your hand looking a little surprised, smile, look at me, hold them to your mouth, breath deep drinking in the scent of my pussy, lick some of the sweet juices from them and then casually stuff them in a pocket.
I realize a new drink is waiting for me and I take a sip from it. I wonder at how hard your cock must be and am imagining what might be running through your mind. My thoughts are interrupted when you again pull my chair close to yours. You reach to my thighs and make way to my wet pussy. Only this time there is no barrier and your fingers easily penetrate and finger fuck me right there in the club. I let out a moan not caring and knowing nobody can hear it over the music. You smile knowingly and work even harder at pleasing me. You whisper cum for me and I let go with an orgasm. You gently pull out and then lick your fingers clean of my juices.
We sit there staring at each other. I want more. You want more. You get up, pay the bill and we walk out of there…
The parking lot is sparse with vehicles and we easily spot our rental. We’re walking side by side, but you place a hand on my hip and then move behind me placing your other hand on the small of my back. We walk for a moment like that and then you remove your hands, slow your pace and enjoy the view as I walk in front of you. You wonder if I realize the mini skirt is no longer covering my entire ass - you wonder how many people in the club saw that and enjoy a satisfying chuckle.
I arrive at the passenger side and turn watching you walk. The sexy look on your face and the bulge in your pants leave my juices again dripping down my inner thighs. You stop about a half-foot short of me, look me up and down and then stare in my eyes. You step a little closer. Still looking me in the eyes, you unbutton my blouse, pull it from my shoulders and let it fall to the ground.
Looking at my breasts you then place your hands on my shoulders and slowly trace a path down and around my back. You unhook my bra, pull it off my shoulders, off my breasts and let it fall to the ground. You take a moment to squeeze my breasts and roll my nipples between your fingers making them harder. You bring your head down and your tongue dances on my nipples. You give them equal attention sucking, teasing and making me moan.
While you’re sucking my nipples I feel your hands move down toward my skirt. I almost let go an orgasm knowing what's to come. I hear a zipper being pulled and feel the skirt loosen and then being tugged off of my hips. I feel it fall to the ground and step out of it. You stop sucking my nipples and look down at my pussy. I feel your hand grab my wet pussy and start playing with it. I feel your fingers gain access and when you whisper cum for me I orgasm wildly as you finger fuck me in the parking lot of the jazz club.
Moments later I lean back onto the car and watch surprised as you kneel down in front of me. Then you are bowing at my feet. You put your face to the warm asphalt, kiss and lick my high heels and try to suck on my toes. You pull off a heel and kiss, lick and suck every inch of my foot. You tickle my toes with your tongue and take them deep in your mouth. You take hold of my calf and gently guide my foot back into the heel and then remove my other heel. Again, you kiss, lick and suck. This foot gets more attention ‒ you worship it ‒ it’s lubricated with your saliva, you’re loving it with your tongue and moaning loudly as you take my toes deep in your mouth again and again. When you’re done you again gently guide my foot back to its shoe.

After, you look up at my wet pussy - your chest is heaving and heart pounding. You take hold of my thighs and pull yourself up to my calf, taking time to lick every inch of it and spending extra time at the area just behind my knee. You caress my thighs and still licking your face moves ever toward my pussy ‒ your tongue in anticipation of the delights it’s about to receive. You stop at my inner thigh taking time to taste the juices there. It’s sweet nectar to you and you lick it up with passion moving up closer to my beckoning pussy. I bend my knees a bit trying to deliver my pussy to your tongue and grab your head pulling it up to my pussy. I hear you groan at this and I want you even more. But you remove my hands from your head, hold my wrists tightly clinched together with one hand and continue taking your time enjoying the moment using your tongue.

When your tongue begins to tease my pussy lips and taunt my clit I try to push down onto your face in hopes of feeling your tongue penetrate deep inside of me. But you continue sucking, slurping, licking, enjoying the anticipation and make me wait. Your free hand is alternating from the inside of one thigh to the other ‒ squeezing, rubbing and caressing. It feels so good and warm and relaxes me a bit. Your tongue quickly reminds me though of something that feels even better as it enters my pussy and I redirect my focus to fucking your face. Your chin, mouth, nose and forehead are getting covered in my juices as I sway back and forth and push in rhythm with and in reaction to your delightfully talented tongue.

One of your hands slides up to my pussy and then touches the never land between my pussy and ass while your tongue is still inside me. I moan desperately. You can feel how sensitive my walls are becoming ‒ you can feel them swell ‒ you can feel them quiver and you indulge with increased enthusiasm. I feel a finger move from the never land and make way up my ass. You release my wrists and I feel other fingers enter my pussy as your tongue moves back to my clit, which is also becoming swollen. You’re finger fucking my pussy and ass as you eat me and I scream in the parking lot of the jazz club when you whisper cum for me and I experience an intense multiple orgasm. You remove your fingers and catch my sweet, hot orgasmic juices with your tongue. You pull yourself up to my level and kiss me. Our tongues dance and I can taste myself. I kiss and lick your face cleaning you of my juices and enjoying the sensation.

My kisses and tongue make way to your ear ‒ your neck - your … You gently pull me away and while looking at your naked woman, save her heels, standing in the parking lot you remove the car keys from your pocket. You motion with a soft touch that I’m to move aside and I do. You unlock the passenger door, open it, unzip your jeans and pull them and your silk shorts down. You sit in the passenger side with your legs on the outside of the vehicle. You lean over, grab my cloths, place them in a cozy stack in front of you making a soft pillow and then pull me down onto my knees.

I move toward your hard cock with a mouth wanting to taste you so bad I’m salivating. My tongue plays on the head of your cock. Pre-cum is there and I absolutely savor the taste of it enjoying the way it mixes with my pussy juice that I tasted from your tongue and face just short moments ago. I let my tongue ride down your shaft and feel it twitch and grow even harder in reaction. My tongue tastes every inch of you and then I take your hard cock in my hot and wet mouth. I suck greedily with a back and forth rhythm and dancing tongue. I can feel your cock at my throat and gag a bit. I want it so bad though that I keep taking you there again and again. You hear my sucking sounds and feel familiar warmth riding up your cock. You know you’re close to cumming. You don’t want that to happen yet.

You gently pull me away from your cock and my tongue reaches out attempting one last taste. You tell me to stand and turn my back to you. I do. You gently pull me to your lap and I feel your hard cock become one with me. It pushes against, stretches and stimulates my swollen and sensitive walls causing me to moan again and again ‒ louder and louder. You reach around, hold on to my breasts, play with my nipples and deliver kisses to my back and neck as I start to find a rhythm and lovingly fuck the hard and hot cock inside me. My juices cover it and you can feel my pussy clinch and quiver in reaction to the ecstasy your cock is delivering.

You raise and lower yourself inspired and pumping in reaction to where you are, what you feel, what you see, what you hear, what you taste and what you smell. The familiar warmth returns - your cock wanting to explode with thick, warm juices inside of me. But you do not want this to happen yet. You slow your pace and whisper for me to be still. I stop moving and you slide your hands onto my hips and start motioning me in a very slow back and forth rhythm. My wet pussy and mind is consumed by your cock - you can feel my pussy quiver and feel my warm juices again covering your hard cock and you hear my long, erotic moans when you again say cum for me and I orgasm in delight at what I’m feeling. You start to move me at a quicker pace and I get into the rhythm of it grooving back and forth and pushing you deeper into me each time I hit the neutral spot in-between back and forth and you start thrusting hard at this same point. You say cum for me again and I let loose yet another orgasm and feel your cock explode its juices at the same time. You make a primitive sound as you cum and it causes me to orgasm yet again.

Slowly the rhythm ceases and you gently lift me up and off of you. You stand, get yourself together and then guide me to the car seat. You gather my cloths and hand them to me. You close the passenger door and walk to the driver’s side and get in. You start the car and pull out of the parking lot…

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