Misadventure of Kyle Banks  

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6/14/2005 5:57 pm

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Misadventure of Kyle Banks

I watch the sun as it crest over the hill plunging--stealing the light into darkness... I stare at the mirror... Baggy jeans half zipped struggling to get my French cuff just right... Watching reruns of Queer Eye like I was Third Eye Blind... Glance at the clock gotta hurry--button up splash some foo-foo scents grab the jewels and scurry.... No place in mind so I step to the first spot... Eye candy, I think not... Head to the door...Fellas You know how the rest of the story goes fast forward------------------------------------------->

Cruise the lot the club is pack.... Dudes on top of the bar with bananas in their pants... Yeah really bananas.... I settle in the spot to watch the shenanigan when in the corner of my eye there she is... Sexy little thang brushing up against me, Ladies you know how we do fast forward for the best of me-------------------------------------------------------------->

Up in the spot 3 o'clock A/C broke so damn hot... Mad skills conversation --make the move--break!-- canít fumble my play list... G up the spot--making eye contact with this sex pot... 1 hour- 2 hours- 3 hours 4 roll off her spent knowing I represented... Suddenly a click at the door... Oh shhhhhhhh!!! She exclaims thatís my X at the door.. I forgot to get the key.... You forgot to get what!!! Before I could react he was on top of me .380 pointing at me... Butt naked two choice run or catch wreck. Click! Damn its cocked back--my cock falls flat... Nothing to loose haul ass like Carl Lewis out the door with no shame... Itís my life he playing. Could only grab a shirt, sheer silk at that, good thing cause itís hot as hell. Feet burning cross 4 lanes of traffic thinking Iím going to be on COPs tonight... Ring a door bell... She answers looks down.... Smile as me like Desperate Housewives on Jeopardy... Ma'am I know what this looks like but I really could use a towel and a phone.... Thereís more to this story... What more can I tell...

Is my story true or false? You decide

rm_mieze626 52F
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6/15/2005 5:52 am

an adventure u will never forget, the worst thing what ever could happen to anybody, male or female....Viva.........true of course!!!

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