I'm tired--I know what I bring to the table  

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6/26/2005 2:32 pm

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I'm tired--I know what I bring to the table

I clinch my fist with certainty--I grit my teeth with the anger that has consumed me. Why cause I will no longer be someone’s pawn to keep. To play when it’s convenient in their life to play me…. Going thru a change of life and I'm discovering things are insignificant. I'm firmly in control of my destiny only God can change that and me...

Here its time for me to vent.

We all go thru life dealing with trivial shit...

Who cares if your relationship didn’t work--maybe you didn’t put in the work--outside looking in

There are more important issues like:
-life death and your relationship with God that matter more than this
-met some pretty cool people that have major shit health wise going on in their life that make me say life is short to put yourself in a mind prison. There strong and coped, time to put things in perspective Its clear now.

I surrounded myself with women to heal the pain when I never need them in the first place... All my answers were right in front of me... I just couldn’t see.... I'm grateful for their counsel... But this journey is for one passenger its time to be free.... Time to take off soar high keep the guard up.

I'm tired

I'm tired of apologizing the time for paying penance it over.

I'm tired of chasing not going to boost her or anyone else’s egos for my sake.

For this dragon he is more secure, confident and finer than ever.

You want to step to me come correct cause it more than just the sex. I'm a fine brother with so much to offer its unreal. Why?

Cause I'm tired

Tired of hearing I’m a good catch

Tired of hearing I got it going on

Tired of hearing that I have everything a woman desires

If that was the case I wouldn’t be where I am today


If I was all of that why don’t you step your game waiting for a email from me–really I impressed you. How about you impress me, life is give and take no room for the timid.

I can make love to your mind you body your soul, be patient to hear you in your time of need and have a gentle but firm touch that you miss. What are you going to give me?

What’s wrong I say the thing you only think… I’m comfortable in my skin are you?

More to follow--dragon sends–cryptic thoughts

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