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9/29/2005 5:35 pm

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My soul says trust with you heart totally and completely. My sense says guard yourself don't get hurt... My soul says the one is right in front of you waiting patiently... My sense says test her make her prove she’s right for you... My soul says the time is now!!! Seize the moment... My sense says--wait look at the big picture... It's too soon... Your life is barely mended... It's time to play your free... My soul say spend every waking moment with her... My sense says... That's what destroyed you in the first place... Learn from it you'll see...

A soul in flux my sense trying to find direction... Testing old and new theories of life, love, commitment now I find myself in the trenches... Not a bad place to be but a healthy place... To learn... For me to grow--more completely... They say if you let something go and it returns it’s meant to be... We'll I'm testing that theory... Unfortunately for the second time.

I’ve been asking myself one thing---Damn is this a moment of pause part III or maybe IV I’ve lost count to lazy to review the blog once more… This thing is my flight data recorder through the highs the lows and the in betweens… I’ve made friends from far away places… To be honest a loyal bunch… Holy Cow!! I’m rambling on….

I think too much–broad vision far reaching, sincere to the core

Dispatches from a reflective soul–Dragon sends--

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