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7/3/2005 5:16 am

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Reaching out and grabbing her hand

Running my finger along her back with the slightest pressure, kissing her neck, blowing gentle air

She knows I've studied her--all I want it to do is pleasure her to every measure

Tickle her mind and take her to places away from the grind, be that island, that oasis, from the hectic pace of the day I say awaken

I live on two planes one past one present, where is my island of rest when will she say....Awaken...

Thoughts of diversion of freedom... I'm so close I breathe it, taste it, I smell--my awakening...

When I awake from the thoughts or rejection to the new found world of acceptance I awake knowing the gifts inside me is so unique... I've made special bonds and tested my theories....

Right now I stand alone when I awaken her I once again ascend to my throne, rebuild my kingdom and dwell... This time for keeps... Only time will tell…

Living this life of exile torn has taught me so much

Don’t compromise always love unconditionally–don’t ever listen to or let someone make you think you are none of these things….

That my sprit can be free, that I'm a man with unique needs although simple and free but when equally met I give with intensity…

My path of rediscovery in now discovery and enlightenment of pleasure and reflection I emerge a new man with a destiny a new course plotted and corrected. My compass rose no longer spins out of control my sails are beginning to fill slowly coming out of the doldrums.

Awakening to a new day of happiness--live life to the fullest--dispatches of a mended soul–when will we look into each others eyes and say awaken.

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