8 million stories  

Black__Dragon 47M
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4/30/2005 12:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

8 million stories

in a naked city where the lights burn bright. The city of lights, of sin where everything begins, where what ever happens--happens and stays within. Bound and gagged by lust she trust my gentle touch. My laid back style she smiles within... Her eyes dim with passion... Arching her back to the sky we fly to a slow methodic rhythm without pause so shallow so soft...A gentle roll she’s in control trying to tease--please...in heat of a swell I dwell on the thought of letting go letting my senses take over...Eyes close I roll then push her to the edge. of the bed head hanging of the side. Legs wrap--her brace for impact....I arch back she’s on my lap... dancing...brown eyes wide as I plunge deeper to the bottom of the depths of her love. Her grip tightens mmmmmm release her flood of peace...

rm_mieze626 52F
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5/1/2005 1:59 am

wow, that is beautiful and even more beautiful if you are able to read in between the lines.....

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