Talk About A Double Standard !!  

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7/29/2005 8:15 am

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Talk About A Double Standard !!

My friends and I have had this profile here on AdultFriendFinder since January of last year. During that time we have had over 200 nasty, racial e-mails sent to us from the ' brothas ' out there. We have sent e-mails of protest to the management here, but NOTHING gets done. It took us awhile for it to FINALLY sink in : If your a black male here on AdultFriendFinder, you can do and say what you want. The nastiest, most personal, vulger comments we have every read have come from black males ( 92% ) and white women ( 8 % ) !! It's OK, in fact, it's ENCOURAGED for white women to perfer ' only black males ' here in their profile, but let a black woman seek ' only white males ' and shit hits the fan.
We discovered that a certain ' Black Stud ' from NY. had MANY ( if not all ) fake testimonials on his profile. After we pointed it out to him, we were hit with a barage of e-mails from black males and a few from white women. My friend pointed out to him that one of his ' testimonials ' was dated 6-18-05. The ( white ) woman who posted the testimonial also posted a testimonial with the EXACT date on another BLACK Male's profile ( who lives in California ) . It was also pointed out that the man living in NY. had a testimonial from a woman who lives in San Diego and the woman wrote the same line .." thnaks for a weekend I'll never forget " in both profiles. We pointed out that we felt that ALL of his testimonials were fake, and God, you would have thought we started World War III !!!
I now believe that many of these .." black stud " profiles are fake.. Why ? The same ( white ) women write the EXACT SAME ' testimonials ' for a bunch of about 30-40 black males, and they live all over the country.
You shouldn't have to put up with BS just for pointing out the OBVIOUS !!
Also, the ' testimonials ' are a bit hard to believe. I see pics of average to down right ungl black men and the white women write.. " a truly handsome, sexy man was never born .." SAY WHAT ??? Also, they write ... " this gentleman has the sexiest body I have ever saw..." and the pics in the profile show a fat, very out of shape, down right homely man !!!! Now I KNOW beauty is in the eye of the beholder ( just ask Rod Sterling ), but COME ON !!!! I have 20/20 vision and for women to call these certain men ' sexy ' and ' handsome ' is a down right lie !!!
Thanks for taking the time to read my rant...after a year of this BS, I just had to vent.
Also, next time you read about all of these " black studs " out there, just do a little'll find out that the women writing these ' testimonials ' say the EXACT same things about ALL these " black studs "...and vice versa !!!
Do I suspect a conspiracy here ?? NO !! What ever gave you THAT IMPRESSION ???? ~ lol ~

ChocolateCandi69 47F

12/20/2005 10:02 am

Girl, I hear ya ! I lost count how many racist, nasty e-mails the brothas and their liberal, guilty, white women/couple friends sent me. Have ya noticed how the brothas can't believe we black ladies prefer white men ? They ( black males ) act like they invited sex, which of course, is perpetuated by their guilty, white, liberal friends.
Is this a coordinated attack ? I believe so.
My short time here on AdultFriendFinder has certainlly opened my eyes to race relations. If you believe or go along with the myth of black male sexual superiorty, then your progressive, open minded, and an intellectual genuis. However, you try to debate the issue, which you can back up with facts, then your a sell out, an uncle Tom, a racist !
Girl, I hear ya !!

brazilienhotness 47M/46F

1/15/2006 9:20 pm

Hey do you. I agree that black men on here can arrange gang bangs for any white woman or say i want to please white couples only or this is my favorite red heads peferred. So I say if white men is what you prefer GO FOR IT and for all that have a problem FUCK EM


rm_Carols_Here 52F

2/11/2006 9:05 am

Black Wives....I'm kinda shocked to hear YOUR having the same problem I am. I have never been attracted to black men, and when I stated my preference in my profile(s) I got hammered by scores of black men AND white women ! After reading your post, I am now convinced that there is a Black Stud ' Cabal 'here on AdultFriendFinder. I checked out a few ' black stud ' profiles and dam, your right ! The ' testimonials ' of these ' black studs ' do seemed to be fake !! I to am getting ripped every day by a New York ' black stud ' who appointed himself Master Of All That Is Righteous here on AdultFriendFinder.
I don't know who anointed black men ' Studs ', but they do seem to be taken this ' black stud ' thing a bit TOO seriously. I get the feeling these ' black studs ' think that sex with them is all a white woman could ask for....well, guess what ? You ' studs ' are the figment of SOMEBODYS ( either YOUR or a gulity, white liberal 's) imagination !!! Take a look in the mirror and be honest with yourself...' studs ' you are not !!!
Like you, I have gotten e-mails from black men who can only be described as ' homely ' by a neutral party, who proceed to rip my ass for being ' racist ' becuase I don't fuck black men ! Actually, I find it humorous ! Some ugly, fat assed, illerate, ( have to be to write an e-mail like that ) black ' stud ' writes to tell me I'm racist and a whore, and by the way, he would never fuck me now, so don't bother asking ...Say WHAT ??
The most pathelic e-mails I get are from those guilty, white liberal bastards ! They want ME to give MYSELF sexually to black men, because it will ' help ' make up for my white male ANCESTORS obvious racist past !! A sort of ' Affimative Action Fucking Slut ' for black men, I guess !! I shit you not !! And these people call themselves ' progressive thinkers ' ?????
Hang in there, Black Wives !! Do what I do....when I need a laugh, I just go read an e-mail from one of those ' black studs ' or one of his guilty, white liberal friends !!!
A tempo debito !!!

HrnyBlckChic4Wht 36F

2/16/2006 4:31 am

Ladies, you all speak the truth !!
EVERY DAY I get 10-15 e-mails from the brothers !! Calling me every name you can think of !!
I'm writing this so the WHITE MEN who let their WHITE WIVES get fucked by these ' blacks studs ' will learn something :
To your face, these ' black studs ' ( I have a question? Is EVERY black man a ' stud ' ?? Sure seems like it !~! ) call the white male a ' cool person ', a ' man who has his shit together ', etc, etc for letting their wife get FUCKED BY BLACK MEN.
However, I have PERSONALLY heard groups of black men, when NO WHITE PEOPLE are around, trash the living shit out of you white men ! No, your not ' cool ' and you not a person who has ' his shit together ' ! To the ' BLACK STUDS ' YOU LET FUCK YOUR WHITE WIFE, your a fag !! Nothing less !! I was ALMOST married to a black man, and I heard MANY TIMES, IN PRIVATE, EXACTLY what the BLACK MAN thinks of you ' cool ' white guys !!
You see, you white people THINK you understand the 'black culture ', but you don't.....because your NOT BLACK !!!
Since you are ' THE MAN ' in black culture, you are a person which the black men are always looking for a way to ' stick it to '....
and what better way to ' stick it to the man ' then by fucking his wife ?? Honest to God, I don't understand DUMB ASS WHITE MEN !!
Again, I have heard, countless times, BLACK MEN insult the living hell out of you for LETTING BLACK MEN FUCK YOUR WIFE !!!
Do you think this is being cool ??
Really, what your doing is called ' slumming ' !! Know what that means ?? That means you and your wife, by either feeling guilty that you have more than most black people or feeling bad because of our slave past, TRY TO MAKE UP FOR IT by letting black men FUCK YOUR WIFE !! ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS ???????? THAT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL !!!
So, you white guys, just so you your face...your one cool motherfucker for letting a black man fuck your wife....
However, when the black guys get by themselves and talk about you, you are nothing but a fucking fag !!
If you want to do something GOOD for the black community, give $$$$ to the UNITED NEGRO COLLEGE FUND....that's better for the black culture then letting a black man FUCK YOUR WIFE !!!
Ladies, do I speak the truth ?? Damm straight I do !!

rm_eattrim 39M
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3/3/2006 3:39 pm

where are all the sexy black women from philly who only date white guys WHERE ARU YOU? i have wanted a black girl for ears but could never find any that date white guys. i have been with two mixed girls but not fully black. if your out there check me out

rm_Brian8013 49M

3/16/2006 6:30 am

Ladies preferences are preferences and i applaud you all for sticking to your guns to hell with the people who get all racist over someones personal preferences they are not in your bedroom and never will be probably jealous they can't be so to hell with them good luck ladies have fun!!!!!!!

Intrested_Diva 46

4/15/2006 2:49 pm

Hello, Ladies and Gentleman !
After only a few short months here on AdultFriendFinder, the ONE thing that stuns me is how the white husbands seem to be ' pimping ' out their wives !
EVERY message I get is written by the husband/boyfriend stating that his white women friend would love to try another women, and if she happens to be black, all the better.
I have also ask a local black man here in Pittsburgh.....
( Black_Steed200 ) if WHITE MEN initiate the correspondence with him. To my surprise he informed me that over 90% of the e-mails he gets from white couples is written by the husband/boyfriend asking/begging that he please fuck Mr. Cuckolds wife !!! He also informed me that a lot of women have no idea what their hubby/BF are up to until they actually meet with BS_2000 !
If ALL black men are so sexually gifted, why don't the women initiate the contact ?? I had no idea their were/are THAT many cuckold men here in the Pittsburgh area ! I am also surprised that in their profile, these men BRAG about being cuckolds !
Excuse me, but isn't the word ' cuckold ' a derogatory term ? I believe so !
Just my personal opinion, but: I feel a ' relationship ' based on a cuckold husband and a promiscuous wife is more than a few tweaks away from a healthy relationship !!

Black_Wives_Club 47G
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4/17/2006 4:11 am

Well, it had to happen sometime, and I'm stunned it took this long.
One of the hordes of those Godless, guilty, white liberal MALES wrote to excoriate me for NOT worshiping at the feet of the sexually dominate black males !
As if THAT wasn't weird enough, this Godless person ( aren't all liberals ? ) wrote that black men get their sexual power from GOD !! Do you believe it ?? Yep, according to this liberal, God one day just anointed ALL black males as ' Sexual Kings ' !! ( after all, he wrote, isn't EVERYTHING from Africa dominate to the rest of the world ? ).
I explained to Mr.Liberal, that the black males I HAVE BEEN WITH were, to be honest, kind of pathetic when it came to pleasing a women. Well, Mr. Liberal said my statement was blasphemes !! Yes, this Godless liberal, who wants to keep God out of school, government, work and your children's life, used HIS convoluted, religious logic to try to convince me that through Divine Intervention, black males are superior to white males !
Do you see the double standard here ???
I told Mr. Liberal that the next time he talks to God, tell HIM that HE must have been absent the day HE gave the black males sexual dominance TO ALL BLACK MALES, because he SKIPPED PITTSBURGH !!!
Maybe He neeeds a map !!!!
Liberals: Ain't they the funniest bunch of people you EVER heard of ??? lol

tommyeureka 61M
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5/21/2006 12:18 pm

You ladies are great..............I love the way you think................I feel terrible that you are being ostracized........I have been too..................I am an older man...........and when I dated a black women in high school..........I got it from both sides............that was in the seventies...............let me know when your next get together is...........I would feel privleged to attend...............Tommy

lstcm 58M

6/11/2006 2:31 pm

Its a shame you ladies/women are getting dogged out for doing nothing more than everyone on else on AdultFriendFinder and that is having the kind of fun and interactions they choose to have. I opened your site, saw that you had specific taste and was about split, but my curiosity on what I was not me to discover this mess you all are dealing with...Unbelievable...As a Black man, all I can say is sorry Baby..Some of my dont get it... and they got tooo much wrapped up in their dickhood...So hang...have fun..and good luck.

generalneon 44M

7/5/2006 7:36 pm

    Quoting Black_Wives_Club:
    Well, it had to happen sometime, and I'm stunned it took this long.
    One of the hordes of those Godless, guilty, white liberal MALES wrote to excoriate me for NOT worshiping at the feet of the sexually dominate black males !
    As if THAT wasn't weird enough, this Godless person ( aren't all liberals ? ) wrote that black men get their sexual power from GOD !! Do you believe it ?? Yep, according to this liberal, God one day just anointed ALL black males as ' Sexual Kings ' !! ( after all, he wrote, isn't EVERYTHING from Africa dominate to the rest of the world ? ).
    I explained to Mr.Liberal, that the black males I HAVE BEEN WITH were, to be honest, kind of pathetic when it came to pleasing a women. Well, Mr. Liberal said my statement was blasphemes !! Yes, this Godless liberal, who wants to keep God out of school, government, work and your children's life, used HIS convoluted, religious logic to try to convince me that through Divine Intervention, black males are superior to white males !
    Do you see the double standard here ???
    I told Mr. Liberal that the next time he talks to God, tell HIM that HE must have been absent the day HE gave the black males sexual dominance TO ALL BLACK MALES, because he SKIPPED PITTSBURGH !!!
    Maybe He neeeds a map !!!!
    Liberals: Ain't they the funniest bunch of people you EVER heard of ??? lol
Ladies, lots of things have skipped Pittsburgh! Believe me, I know! If the apocalypse came tomorrow for the rest of the world, it would reach Pittsburgh in about seven years.

What a friggin' douche bag that guy is! You have your own preferences, and SCREW THEM if THEY have a problem with it! Bringing God into a discussion on sexual potency?! I'm utterly aghast, and a little queasy. In Pittsburgh, we would call that guy a "Royal Jagoff"!

BTW, how the hell can I get fake testimonials?

apleasure2touch 50F

7/9/2006 10:08 am

Well I read all the posts that you guys have posted here. I must say that I'm not surprised that you say blk men react the way they do because of you alls preferences. It's not different than how some blk women react when they find out that blk men only want to deal with wht women. I don't care who anyone chooses to be with. We all have our needs and/or wants. It's your choice.

I do have a problem with the trashing though. Ok, so they don't like it that you don't want to be with blk men. So what?? You're fustrated and angry by the comments they make to you. Ok, they're just words. What they've said hasn't stopped you from doing what you wanted to do has it? Obviously not.

So can we just stop what seems to me to be "This is why I hate blk men" comments?? They're not doing anything other than making you the same as those that bash you. And you don't want that do you?

generalneon 44M

7/9/2006 8:58 pm

I dont' think that this is so much of a "This is why I hate black men" thing so much as a "Don't give me crap about my preferences in men" thing. These ladies prefer white men over black men, and they are getting disrespected for it from black men and psychos!

Black_Wives_Club 47G
11 posts
7/11/2006 4:33 am

Pleasure2touch: We ladies are not frustrated or angry that black men date white/asian women. Whats pisses of off is they don't ALLOW us ( yes, that's the word they use : ALLOW ) to date white men. They also spew this racist, uneducated, stereotype thinking in their e-mails that BLACK MEN are better at sex, BIGGER then white men !! Trust me, the worst lovers I ever had were BLACK MEN, and the largest cocks I have even seen were attached to WHITE MEN !! Also, I and my lady friends find white men are a hell of a lot better looking then black men !
What does anger me is when liberal, nub shitt'en, white people get in the discussion and side with the black men, using their opinion, with NO FACTS to back up their facts. They also spew the racist garbage about ALL black men being hung and God's gift to all the ' white ho's ' ( usually the liberals wife ) out there. The cuckold white men, ( who are usually married to a women 10-15 years younger them themselves ) get down right nasty.
They call us JEALOUS !! Excuse me, but us ladies don't need ANY HELP getting men, and if you want to set up a little contest, anyone of us black ladies against YOUR WHITE HO wife, bring it on. We'll go to any bar/club and see who gets a man first !
Also, as a BLACK PERSON, I find this ' black stud ' thing to be extremely racist and highly offensive ! We're supposed to believe only the GOOD STEREOTYPES about black men, isn't that right ?? Sorry, but all stereotypes are racist. If YOU think/feel a black man, just because he IS black, is hung and great in bed, YOUR A RACIST !
I also don't understand black men going along with this line of thinking.
I DO GET angered when I read a black man's profile, and he uses words like: Holla , gurl, mula, nigga, thug, gansta, and the expression ' hit it '. ANY BLACK MAN OVER 20 years of age, who uses THAT language either while talking or writing is a fucking idiot !
And PLEASE, you black men over 20...stop wearing those fucking THROW BACK SPORTS JERSEY !! You look like a fucking ass hole !!
I'll tell ya, it's up to us black women to save the black men just ain't capable of handling it !! What, with 75% of all black children being born illegitimate, what do you think of the black man now ?? And honey, THAT is a fact ! No stereotyping there...

rm_Rumpshaker21 48M

7/11/2006 5:48 am

WOW !!! Was all that would come to mind when I read over the numerous replies you received over your initial blog. BUT, I can understand what you went through. Throughout high school, I dated hispanic women, afterwards only dated black women and married a black woman since. The door doesn't only swing one way though, I have heard what I call "stupidness" from other black women as well and it revolves worldwide. Racism is racism, you can satisfy everyone, nor should you try to satisfy anyone but yourself and the person/people you have chosen. True sexual attraction and eroticism is colorless, a person either catches your attention or they don't, there is no in between. Disrespect is disrespect, any way you slice it, and should never be a card to use because a woman rejected you, come on and grow up.

As far as Mr. Biblical Quoter, please forward to me what Book, Chapter and Verse that one came out of? I'd like to read that one for myself. A person's religion is one's own belief and to push your own belief on someone is sacreligious.

Do what you have to do for you ladies, make yourselves happy, and I'm so pissed that I didn't move closer to Pittsburgh.

Like "brazilienhotness" said above, "for all those that have a problem Fuck em".

Can I fly in for a party?

Intrested_Diva 46

7/11/2006 7:44 am

Ladies, do you see what were up against ?? Even a few black women think were being hard on black men. They ( black men ) can date every BBW, bleached blond, hard drinking, chain smoking, liberal talking white woman HO ( while hubby watches- lol) and then they read our profiles, and WHAM !
Like Black_Wives_Club, I'm not angry black men fuck white woman
( after all, I prefer WHITE MEN )but what does get me angry is the black mens attitude that we ( black women ) are traitors to our race for doing the same thing they do !!
Also, there are a few ( select) white couples out there who perpetuate the 'Black is Bigger/Better Sexual Myth ' .
Yes, normally they are ' educated ' ( a PhD. does not NECESSARILY mean you are intelligent ) financially well off, older men with younger bride white couples. You know the type: Husband is in education ( usually some poor fools Professor ), has a younger bride, who fucks black men while he watches. The women is spoiled by here hubby, which causes the ' bride ' to think her ass is made of gold, and she is doing her ' civic duty ' by having uneducated, poor, jobless, nigga, gangsta thugs fuck her. You know, sort of pay back, sexual reparations if you will, for all the injustice the black man has endured over the years by those nasty, white European males !
Also, I agree 100% with doing this, perpetuating the sexual myth about black men, THEY are being racist !!
Come on now !! By having black skin, that means black males have a bigger cock, and they fuck better then a person with WHITE skin ??
P-L-E-A-S-E !!!!! NOW DO you see how STUPID that sounds ????
Lord, give me strength....
PS...If you believe ONE stereotype, you gotta believe them all...
you can't be ' selective ' on your stereotypes..

8uallnite6a9 50M

7/28/2006 1:44 am

I agree with you ladies 100%, have seen that 'double standard'.. When is the next B_W_C meeting? Don't keep us white guys drooling like this!

HrnyBlckChic4Wht 36F

7/28/2006 5:22 am

Diva, you are my Idol !! You state things EXACTLY as they are !
There is a certain Cabal of white couples out there who think that by fucking black men, they are doing their ' civic duty ' ! Girl, you are right on ! I personally know of two white female co-workers who are being harassed by black men, yet when they complain to Human Resources ( white male liberal ) their told that they should take this as a ' compliment' because in ' black culture ' there is nothing more honorable for a black man then to ' spread his love ' around !!! I shit you not ! These white people in Human Resources are nothing more than pimps for the black man ! In fact one Executive in the Human Resources Dept. told one of my friends that..." it's really not so bad to sleep with black men. You can get used to anything if you try." Do you believe this ! The same white lady was told by a ( white female )Human Resource worker that she must be ' racist ' because she never dated a black man !!
Will you fucking white liberals quit making excuses for the black man !! You dam white liberals know NOTHING about black culture !! I'm 24 years old old and I NEVER heard of a black man ' spreading his love ' around as a way to show his appreciation !! As a black person, I find that very insulting !! The most racist people I know are you guilty white liberals !! YOU liberals are not black, so don't ACT like you know about me, my culture or what YOU think is best for me ! Honest to God, why don't you liberals just go hug a fucking tree or something !
In case you liberals didn't know it, we black people can do a lot of things without your help. We ( black people ) all don't have the mind of 2 year old ( except for most of the ' black studs ' here on AdultFriendFinder ). I find it down right embarrassing when I read a profile from a black man over 30 and he stats ( proudly ) that he is a ' nigga ' who is ' freaky deaky ' in bed and he wants to ' hit it '!!
I was told by a guilty liberal women last year when she found out that I date only white men that I am ' offensive ' to my race. Do you get this picture ?? A white women telling ME I'm offensive to my race because i don't date black men !! Her warped logic stated that the black man has NOTHING to give to society other then his ' dominating sexuality ' and by not accepting this, I was being offensive to my race !!! I told her that SHE was racist, because the first 3-4 black male lovers I had were so fucking terrible at sex, they DROVE me to start dating white men !!
Of course she was appalled and she huffed something, then left in a liberal snit fit !
Do the world a favor, you liberals : LEAVE US BLACK POEOPLE ALONE !!!!
Diva, YOU got your shit together girl !

travelinguy00 56M
30 posts
7/28/2006 7:11 am

Holy shit, every time I lust after a beautiful woman such as yourselves, hrnyblckchic,interested diva, and the bwc I would never imagine the baggage you carry. Life is too short,tough to respond towards anyone tearing you down.
When love-lust-happiness is in your hearts, let me know. Maybe I can bring some happiness.

travelinguy00 56M
30 posts
7/28/2006 7:41 am

Oh yeah -seeing how were busting myths-comments on:
Irish & indians - drunks
Polish - stupid
Asians - little dicks & can't drive
Jewish - " ' & money hungry monsters running the world
Just trying to lighten up this blog

GirlOnTop 32M

7/30/2006 10:30 pm

Basically you are all gorgeous and any guy who has a problem with what you are doing is just jealous or frustrated

travelinguy00 56M
30 posts
8/5/2006 7:49 am

Now ladies, I keep checking this blog for responses. Nothing, you can't rant like this and not follow up. I think it was a waste of your time, energy, thoughts to even bring this shit up. All of you are gorgeous and could get any man you wanted. Why even acknowledge the dumb mother fuckers that attack you. These dudes(black men) will fuck anyone, white women to them are just a trophy, something to talk about with their friends.

rm_hevymetlfan 54M

8/10/2006 2:23 am

Wow. I'm seeing beautiful ladies who just HAPPEN to be ladies of color, with great intellect, wit, and respectable views on many socially relevant topics. I'm getting hot just thinking about these women! LOL.. Seriously, these ARE all qualities I look for in WOMEN, but I also have a great deal of respect for and admiration of women of color. If any of you would like to chat with a guy who can truly appreciate you for who you are, give me a shout sometime! I'd love to chat. Yahoo IM is hevymetlfan.

lordsabio 48M  
12 posts
8/16/2006 1:38 pm

If people don't agree with your point of view then why other to write and insult you? Thats just retarded. What i do kow is that you ladies are all hot, I myself have gone out with a few black women and I'll tell you they are alot more fun and real! Plus I love the contrasts. I hope you ladies decide to bring the party over to NYC sometime! Louie

rm_bj12play12 34M
1 post
8/21/2006 8:20 pm

i'm black and ya'll go head and do ya'll don't even worry about others

rm_valhalla162 54M
275 posts
8/27/2006 11:01 pm

are you ladies going to take us up on our offers .i am a great at sex white man and i am ready for action, will travel a reasonable distance to hook up wth you too...... i just want a ffm threesome and i don't care about the color issue at all....

brazilienhotness 47M/46F

9/28/2006 1:01 pm

In case anyone wondered if any of this black stud is not true just go to the most popular group section on this site. It's black gangbang groups for white women. I like black men however this site seems to be void of intelligent and mature brothas. The few that are on here are being overwhelmed by the stupid ones. I also agree with the fact that all black men aren't good in bed. You need more than a big unit to be good. This is for all the white women. All black men aren't big either. I have personally received mail from some of these village idiots who have said that they don't normally get with black women but would get with me. Hello I'm still black. Thanks but no thanks I am not desparate go hit up some ugyly fat white woman for that . Ladies stay the course and do what you want to do. Have you also noticed that many of these so called supermen then to be with fat ugly white chicks while you ladies get hot white guys. Hmm gives you a little food for thought. There is definitely something to be said for quality over quantity.

StudService6969 41M

10/2/2006 12:13 pm

In my opinion, we are all human and we all have the freedon to fuck whomever we want. Race is retarded figuring we are all from the HUMAN RACE. Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.... its not rockets science... its basic instincts. The best sex is between intelligent people who both understand their bodies. For some reason being Gang-Banged by a group of 12in black cocks just seems to be the least intelligent sexual situation you could possbily get yourself into. But if thats what the white girls are into these days...I'm gonna start hooking up the the Black Wives club!!! LOL....

Go PENS!!! Go Steelers!!!!!!

rm_SueReady4Fun 63F

10/2/2006 1:15 pm

Alisha & Girls, I know EXACTLY what you girls are going through. This past summer, here in Pittsburgh, my visits to local swing clubs were made a living HELL because of the ' poor, downtrodden black man '. First, the clubs I went to had a rule: NO SINGLE MALES. Well, that was fine, until black men started raising all kinds of shit, so the sissy assed owners let THEM in, but NO WHITE SINGLE MALES were allowed in !! Then, once inside, they made my ( and all of my female friends ) life inside the club pure HELL !! Always bothering us, always pulling that ' your a ray-cist, you don't fuck black men' shit. No, I don't fuck black men. As a matter of fact, I feel the term ' sexy, handsome black man ' is an oxymoron. I have NEVER seen a black male, in my entire life, who I would want to fuck. Danzel, nobody, no balck man has ANY sex appeal to me at ALL !
I know of 3-4 weak assed white women who fell for that ' your a ray-cist ' crap. They were made to feel guilty becuase they refused to fuck these black men, so they gave in. Now they feel like shit, friendless and alone NOW. But did the fag black men take it like men ?? Hell no ! They yelled, throw glasses, bottles, called us klan members, cause NONE of us white women wanted to fuck them !
Here's a news flash for you black guys: When a women says no, she means NO. She dosen't mean ' no to white men only, come fuck me black guys ' !! You black guys should be embarrassed the way you acted this summer !! If your so fucking sexy, handsome and hung, GO TO A PLACE THAT WANTS YOU !!!
Because of the actions of these 5-7 black men this past summer, we are now making rules that the clubs become PRIVATE !! THEN we'll be able to keep out the rift raft !
Ladies, I know EXACTLY what your going through ! God Blees you girls !! Keep up the fight ! I know as for me and my friends, NEXT SUMMER will be BLACK MEN FREE !!!

HrnyBlckChic4Wht 36F

10/3/2006 8:57 am

Brazilhotness & Sue: You girls are SO right about the black men out there now. BH, the black men I have seen with white women lately are all with + size, bleached blond white women ! Trust me, these women are lucky to get fucked by ANYBODY. As the saying goes..' she fucks black men cause white men won't have her ! '
Saturday I was at the Pirates game with a very hot white guy ( Mike, 6'1" 160 lbs, tight body, tight ass, hung, and blond - MY KIND OF GUY !! ) . WE WERE in PUBLIC, where EVERYBODY knew we were on a date ! There is nothing discreet about our relationship. Yes, we fuck like 2 dogs in heat, but we also go to movies, Pirates, Steeler, Pens, concerts, you name it, we are there ! I also noticed that the white women on here seek a ' discreet only ' relationship with the black men. And for good reason..
they don't want ANYBODY to know they fuck black men !! That's why they want a ' discreet ' relationship !!
Sue, you hit on something I discovered this summer: The ' guilt '
fuck the black man use !! They try to make a white women feel like Davis Duke if they say they won't fuck a black man ! You black men are pathetic using that line of shit on the white women !! I know of only 2 white women who feel for the ' guilt ' fuck thing, and they are having a very time handling it ! Yep, because you ugly, fat assed black men, in their quest to fuck ANY white women, resort to the ' guilt ' fuck line, 2 of my friends are going to counseling ! Their white friends left them, and now their feeling all shitty, thanks to you black men ! To me, there is NOTHING lower on God's green earth than the ' guilt ' fuck you black men are pulling !!
I feel sorry for ya, if you guys have to resort to that damm, immature, ' guilt ' fuck line to fuck a white women, I feel REAL sorry for ya !!! I really do!!!

rm_g1000man 70M
54 posts
11/12/2006 6:33 am

Ladies GOOD for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should be allowed to date whom ever you like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it is a free country.

And it is for sure that white men like and are good at foreplay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to eat pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my opinion love making is 80% foreplay and 20% or less intercourse....

Most men (black and white) only think about themselves . If a woman is not pleased and smiling you FAILED BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MesasAgapeSkull 46M

11/26/2006 5:31 pm


I first want to say that HrnyBlckChic4Wht is very sexy and attractive (they are not synonyms). I equate sexiness with the body; and attractiveness with facial features... she has both. I don't care about her preference (it doesn't change her being sexy as well as attractive) The women pictured in the Black_Wives_Club are also sexy.

This site is for fun, everyone should get that from being members here. What's the problem with these women deciding they don't want to date black men...does that make them sell-outs? I'm a rational person. What if these sistas loved black men; but wasn't attracted to you or me as a black man... then what would that make them? Not interested, no more or less than what they're dating preference is now.
I'm not into BBW. Does that make me prejudice against BBW? No, it's just not my preference (just like these lady's)!!!

Observation and statement
I did notice that a member of the black_wives_club viewed my profile. ??? I'm assuming looking for testimonials from (white) women who state all over AdultFriendFinder, how great black men are! You're not going to find that here. I'm not looking for black women, white women, Latina, Asian, or those listed as various. I'm looking to meet those who are SEXY and sexy+attractive (see definitions above) in my eyes. If I meet a sexy Green-Martian lady... It would be on with me and the Martian lady.

Just as brazilienhotness stated "this site seems to be void of intelligent and mature brothas". Lets remember this site is a microcosm of society... whatever is the norm society is reflected here (maybe more so because of this sites nature).

An opinion
I believe SueReady4Fun use of the term BLACK MEN, is very close to a derogative term used for blackmen. I'm not saying that because of her preference; but because of her tone. For a 50+ yr old lady, she's not bad. But her tone seems harsh; not stern.

Just a thought or two from a brother who does get it!

Traveller452004 58M  
3 posts
11/27/2006 6:42 pm

So very well articulated and Down to the Point!

I Agree with you 100%! Keep up the great work! And Attitude!

rthunder16001 51M
1 post
12/1/2006 5:03 am

I applaud you ladies. There are certain "politically correct standards" that need to be tossed aside. Simply because they are outdated, or just plan segregation. The last time I checked we still live in America, where we have the freedom of choice. And it seems to me that the "moral majority" needs to put there noses elsewhere. If you ladies prefer white men, I see no problem with that. I have dated/been with women of many different colors and cultural backgrounds. Even if I did have a problem with it, who would I be to tell you that it was wrong?? That would be like me telling you that it was wrong to like mustard on a hot dog. I apologize if it seems I am on a soap box, but I consider myself a true american. This country was founded on the belief of freedom. And I will defend that till the day I die.I love my country so much, I have it tattooed on my arm. And I believe that we should ALL have the right to chose what we like to do. And as long as we are not harming anyone or anything, then no one should tell us any different.

Black_Wives_Club 47G
11 posts
12/1/2006 11:58 am

Something happened to me last weekend that really stuck in my mind. I stayed at a friends house last Friday and Saturday ( white male, blond, 6'1",160 lbs. hung like a horse). I had to get home early Sunday morning, so after an all nighter ( who says white men have no staying power, he wore me out ! ) we left his place at 5 am to get me home by 8 am. On the way we stopped at a Co Go's to get a cup of coffee and fill the gas tank up. Inside the store we were pretty much all over each other. We just can't keep our hands off each other. On our way out to the car I notice a white women sitting in a car, hiding her face. I thought nothing of it, until we drove past the same car on our way out. She was hiding her face because she was with a brotha. She wouldn't even get out of the car, wouldn't even been seen in public with him. Yet I'm sure they fucked the night away. THAT'S what I don't under stand about you black men/white women. You fuck like rabbits, but you don't want to be seen in public together. That is a fucking shame. I would NEVER, and I do mean NEVER, fuck anybody whom I couldn't be seen in public with. How can either one of you, black men or white women, look at yourself in the mirror. In you fuck it, you walk with it. My mind is changing about you BM/WM...i used to despise I feel sorry for ya...
Honest to God, doesn't that make you black men feel like shit ?? Oh, she'll fuck ya, but don't let ANYBODY see her with ya.To me, that is just so fucking sleazy, so mother fucking sleazy !!
Every white man I date ( fucked ) I have went out to dinner with, wenty o a Pirate/Steeler/Pens game, went to a movie...seems white men go out of their way to show us ( black women )off....looks like you brothas will have to be happy just being a black guy some white chick fucks.

MesasAgapeSkull 46M

12/1/2006 5:15 pm

I have come to enjoy reading this blog, it's amusing to see all the different opinions and perspectives... Hell I've added mine!

I'm going to assume that the lady pictured in the main photo of the Black_Wives_Club is the point person/president/CEO so to speak of the club.

I think she’s missing a lot of the male perspective (and I don't just mean Black-male perspective). Men are free-loaders; I'm included. If we can get a good free or cheap FUCK... You better believe, we're going to take it. No dinner, no movie, no drinks, etc...just meet at the hotel. We are there!

I'm not proud of it, but it's true... If it's totally free or to our advantage... we'll even lower or requirements. (But under no circumstances am I getting with a big girl). No offense, but the body is most important to me.

I don’t believe she’s treating AdultFriendFinder encounters in the manner that most men are treating them! We don't care if the lady wants to be seen in public with us; many of the lady's I've meet on AdultFriendFinder are married, or part of a couple fulfilling a fantasy or two (various races). I have no problem with it... Being used for my equipment. I feel so cheap now...LOL
If her mans fantasy is to see his lady fuck and suck me ... No need to be seen in public, “what's the room number?”

I'm gathering she's more into RELATIONSHIP-type-dating rather than casual AdultFriendFinder meetings!

I'm not clinging to/all over someone in public, that I'm just FUCKING. I reserve that for someone who is more than...pardon the expression "Just a good FUCK or NUT"

Just another thought from a brotha who does get it!

HrnyBlckChic4Wht 36F

12/2/2006 6:09 am

BB4bigO...I don't think you get it, I really don't. What is happening when a white couple/woman just fuck a black man and NEVER want be seen, avoid, deny knowing, him is something my mother, who is 50 years old, would call ' slumming '. ' Slumming ' is when a white couple/woman will fuck you, but under no circumstances , EVER, want to be seen in public with you. This goes way back. Usually it's the opposite ends of the social scale...the very rich, guilty, liberal snobs, who think their doing society a favor by fucking the poor down trodden black man, sorta making up for when your great great great great great gran daddy was a slave.....then their is the trailer trash, get-toe living, white welfare trash...who just wanna fuck a black man because they feel it is rubbing it into the face of other white people.
I know all men are horn toads, but just fucking a black man and then avoiding him at all costs while in public just seems fucking dirty, demeaning...
Don't get me wrong, i fuck white men all the time, and I love it. But if I had to ' sneak ' around I'd feel like shit. Maybe it is a man thing, but if you have any feelings at all, any self esteem, that has to bother you.

Black_Wives_Club 47G
11 posts
12/21/2006 4:59 am

Just wanted to keep everybody up to date. Seems our little group of ladies aren't the only black women making the permanent switch to white men. WE're getting e-mails from black women all over the country. From Seattle, to Miami, to Boston to San Diego, black ladies are writing to say they also have made the switch. I know that when I started going ' white only ' I was the ONLY black lady dating white men in my group of friends. Guess what ?? Now they ALL have been dating ' white ' only ! Guess it was bound to happen. For years and years all we heard in the black community from the black men was : ' your not a black man until you had a white woman..' Well, the worm has turned, so to speak. I see a trend here, and it ain't looking good for you black men. Yes, it seems that every successful black man has a bleach blond, BBW, white woman on his arm. Well, there are many more successful black women then there are black men, and WE are having sexy ass white men on OUR arms ! Is it pay back ? Maybe. All we know is that we not giving ANYTHING up when it comes to sex with white men, and were being treated like Queens ! On the average, white men are better looking, better educated, and better at sex than the average black man. Now you brothas, don't be turning all mad now !! Just face the facts ! I have been with both black and white men, and believe me, for ME, and my friends, I'll/we'll take a white man every time !! Sorry to burst that sexual myth, but the truth is the truth ! Alisha

mr_scorpio1975 41M

1/1/2007 10:31 am

Let me first start off by saying you are some sexy women. Wow is all i can say. Secondly its nice to see some real folks off this site. As for the white males you guys have the pleasure of enjoy umm all i can say is u guys are so damn lucky! Heck i would love to be in the company of any of these sexy black ladies. But as far as your drama with other black males, dont allow it to bother you. We all have our choices far as types of women, man, etc, etc we desire. Me myself am open to both races because I look for good friendship along with good times. Before the sex comes into play u have to have cool friendship no matter what color that person maybe. If white is what you desire then cool do your thing, but I ask that since you dont want a blk male as ur bed buddy then how about a blk male as your friend. We all share the same interest on this site and hopefully there is nothing wrong with meeting someone like myself that is cool, open minded and very much real. Well you ladies take care and please feel free to respond. Much love to you! Ps what if i said i have white in my genes????? haha, just wanted to put smile on your face

rm_balinsfunny 47M
1 post
2/21/2007 3:56 pm

Well I don't like to make value judgements about what people think, because in reality I only have to deal with the people I want to deal with. The people that pass these judgements are scared. I added you all to my hotlist simply because you are all beautiful, not simply based on a preference. I hope that I will have an opportunity to meet one or a couple of you, and then we can forget about all of this stupid shit.

Black_Wives_Club 47G
11 posts
3/1/2007 12:45 pm

Ok, NOW tell me there isn't a coordinated attack on us black women who fuck only white men here on AdultFriendFinder !!! Within the past 2 days I have been attacked by black males and your liberal white bitches for fucking only white men via e-mail AND 4 not 2 or 3 but 4 BLACK women who wrote on THIS blog had their profile DELETED by YOU fucking LIBERAL FAGS !! The profile that were deleted are: 1. Intrested_Dive 2. Black_N_Sassy 3.HrnyBlckChic4Wht and
4. ChocolateCandi69 !!!!! NOW do you people believe me ?? This starts at the very top of AdultFriendFinder. It has to be run by fucking left wing liberals who just can't STAND to see us black women date WHITE men !!
And you fucking FAG black men who bitch and MOAN like a woman on the rag becuase we black ladies won't fuck you can go fuck YOURSELF !! I will never in MY LIFE EVER fuck another black man !! I'll go further, I will NEVER SPEAK to another fucking BLACK MAN in my life !! My girls WILL BE BACK with NEW PROFILES soon. Then LET'S see you FAG black men and you fucking bleach blond, BBW white women get THOSE profile DELETED !!! You can all go to HELL !

Buttababy71 45M

3/9/2007 3:19 pm

Wow. Obviously some brothas down the line have done you guys wrong. The extreme anger and animosity is so prevalent in almost everything you guys say. With the exception of one incident in Korea, I have never had a problem with sisters dating white boys. In Korea, this one guy beat on this sister and told one of his fellow white boys none of the ni**er bitches he was fucking were good for anything else. Let's just say he was regulated on after that. I do know there is a stereotype out there as well. Some of my friends could fuck all the white girls they wanted but when a sister did it with a white boy it's like she committed a Cardinal Sin! When I tried to point out the obvious double standard to my boys I probably could have gotten a better response from a brick wall. I actually applaude what you girls an extent. (Anti-brotha talk) America and world society in general have never found the black woman to be sexually attractive as say a Julia Roberts or a Pamela Anderson. That has pissed me off since I can remember. Beauty transcends race, religion, or nationality. ALL women are beautiful. When Halle Berry won the Oscar I was happy because she was puttin' it down and representing ALL ethnic women and showing the world non-white women are just as beautiful. Some brothas,sisters, and popular black magazines weren't too thrilled in the role she played to win it. (Billy Bob Thornton/Monster's Ball) Hollywood is slowly coming on board and portraying black women and interracial relationships in general as a beautiful and natural part of American society. And it's going to be here whether people like it or not. Due to my job, I'm a well traveled man and I have been places and seen and "done" things I never would have imagined before. But nothing has ever "soured" my love for black women. I will never limit myself to who I date because some people think I should stay with my own kind. I've been fucked over by White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian women in some way or another. But I have never grouped them into one category and said fuck Black women because this happened to me or fuck Asian women because this happened. This never happened because these women were not spokespersons for their entire race. They were only individuals. So keep doing what you do ladies as long as you're happy. But please tone down the "Anti-brotha" rhetoric just a tad. It's obviously your prerogative to fuck whomever you please. Simply because of the color of my skin you won't even speak to me?

Black_Wives_Club 47G
11 posts
3/10/2007 8:55 am

We black ladies are just FED UP with all the sit thrown at us by the brothas. It's constant BITCHING ! I swear, it is so "not cool " to read a brotha bitch like a woman ragging !
Besides you guys ( black men ) bitch'en about us for dating white men, last week I was in a Record Exchange here in Pittsburgh and I ask the clerk if she could point me in the direction of a group ( all white boys ) called The Replacements. A white male friend of mine got me interested in the group and now I just can't get enough of their music ! Anyway, 2 young brothas over herad me and they asked me what kind of group they were. I told them they were sort of a New Wave/Puck/Alternative white boy band. My God, you would have thought I just killed Rosa Parks !! These smart ass punks jumped on ME for NOT buying Hip Hop or music !! Do you believe it ?? These young, gansta acting punks, had the NERVE to TRY to lecture ME about what kind of music I can and CANNOT buy !!! You brothas are out of control !
So NOW, according to the UNWRITTEN code of being black, I am NOT allowed to date white men, and I guess I am now NOT allowed to listen to music by a WHITE BAND EITHER ??? Do you see how silly this has gotten ??? I got news for you brothas...I always listened to The Stones, I LOVE the group The Cure, now I am so into The Replacements that I listen to their music all fucking day!
When I was younger I watched the soap General Hospital just so I could get a look at the worlds sexiest man, Rick Springfield !! And, Justin Timberlake DID bring sexy back !! Trust me, there are millions of sexy ass white men out there for us black ladies to fantasize about !! us black ladies HAVE to listen to music ONLY by black artist ?? Ain't that a mother fucking shame ??

MJSeeksBigOne 52M/49F

4/7/2007 10:30 am

You ladies must go thru hell ! I'm a white women who doesn't date black men, and I get hell !! I get 5-10 e-mails a day, minimum, from black men and their enabler(s) telling me to be ' honest ' with myself. I also get mail from white people, who state..' don't fight it. All women know black men are better lovers. Be honest with yourself and give in to your temptation..'. Well, I have no ' temptation ' to date black men. Trust me, I am doing JUST FINE fucking white men !
Also, about your friends who got their profiles deleted ?? I was told by a black woman from here, NY state, that black men write nasty ass e-mails to black women who date white men only, HOPING they get a nasty response so they can then turn your ass into the PC police here on AdultFriendFinder. And of course the tech staff being so PC here, your ass is gone. The black woman also pointed out that black males who are standard members here on AdultFriendFinder send e-mails out and they have benefits of payed members. I checked it out, and sure enough, all the nasty mail I have gotten from black men were from STANDARD members !! In fact, I BLOCKED one black male from sending me e-mails, but he still got his mail through!
This thing is out of hand, no shit ! Now their on your ass because you like music by WHITE artist ?? You would THINK grown men would have better things to do with their time! When will this crazy shit stop ??

rm_Magellan52 66M
1 post
4/10/2007 10:13 pm

mmmm very hot

cooldoghiggins67 42M

5/30/2007 3:55 pm

Ugh...I certainly get tired of all the white women my age in my area wanting black men. Not just the big ugly girls, either, but the hot sexy ones, too! I have absolutely no idea what is going on! I'm no racist, but it's getting out of hand here. I mean, they even complain about the lack of respect and maturity these people have but yet they still cling to them like a magnet! The allure of the black male in Central PA must be like a drug.

Unfortunately, there are no black women around here that have profiles. In fact, I rarely see any in public here! I saw one once that came into the store where I worked....she was absolutely divine and very, VERY charming and pleasant. That's a rarity for ANY woman in my area.

The younger girls still like the white boys...but so many of them think they're black--that's probably why! Hehe.

So any beautiful, charming, sweet black ladies, please consider moving to central PA...we need you here! I would love to get to know you...and yes, promise you an awesome friend and fantastic lover!

ivory-ebony 59
2 posts
5/31/2007 11:33 pm

Being a white man that has been married to a beautiful black woman for the last 17 years, I can tell you we have seen it all. It's unfortunate that we live in a society that doesnt understand that we all came from the same couple thousands of years ago. We have seen intense hate from both races and know that wont change in our life. Hate starts from childhood. Parents instilling that in their children. We have 2 beautiful girls that we have taught that all people are equal. There are certainly some that are dumber than others but never blame that on ones race, but on their upbringing and their association. Good luck to you ladies out there & I'm sure you will find, or already have, there are great black & white people out there, just ignore all the other idiots.

cummwhenuseeme 54M

6/29/2007 6:09 pm

Hey there:

I've read your blog and most of the posts and I have a little dream to share with you...I hope you enjoy it !

I work in a public place and see many different faces throughout the typical day. One evening before closing up, an attractive black woman entered the store and asked if I could show her a bed... I took her to a soft pillowtop and she said she had something a little firmer in mind. So I moved her to a hard pillowtop and was very surprised when she said "cummwhenuseeme, do you know who I am ?" I told her she had me at a disadvantage, but I would help her anyway I could... She asked me if I could kill the lights and lock the door, then she asked me to give her a good back rub so she could forget the cares of the day. Then she said that I understand you love to give oral sex... I said yesm it's my favorite ! I turned her over and began to kiss her face, chest and then lower... I was surprised that she was shaved bare as I kissed and licked my way to her pussy. After a good meal, she rolled onto her back presenting me with her perfect ass... somewhere between rimming her and playing with her pussy with my fingers, she cummed, rewording me with a gush of pussy juice... I rolled her on her back and placed my cock in her face. She took me in her mouth as I enjoyed eating her pussy some more... when I could stand it no more, she sucked my cock dry...

Now, is there an attractive lady of color that might want to bring this dream to life ??

cummwhenuseeme 54M

7/2/2007 8:06 am

Racism, reverse racism, isn't hatred just wonderful ? I have pictures visible to friends on my page now...hope to hear from you.

malarki5 48M

8/30/2007 4:49 am

Hi People,

I'm a Black Briton resident in London and from my perspective there are some incredibly confused African-Americans out there! I'm all for people making choices but doesn't it appear to you that some people merely have issues?

em2x680 34M

9/6/2007 10:36 pm

fuck em! You ladies every interested in an attractive white guy? i didnt really want to say anything about color but idk? some people have a type, i just like attractive women who enjoy fun!

thatdickthatdick 48M
1 post
10/22/2007 4:42 pm

Honestly, I could care less but lets call it for what it is; Prostution! Black guys are less likely to pay for ass than white. At some point in your sad life you're going to say "damn I should have stayed in school"!

healthyhunghorny 49M
4 posts
11/5/2007 2:00 pm

Alisha, from Black_Wives_Club, Sorry to hear about all the ignorance you've gotten from this site. I just found your profile today, and I've seen the 'reverse racism' you've talked about.
Having dated women of many different nationalities,cultures and race and even being married to a West Indian women, it was Black men and crazy Liberals who gave both of us a hard time.

As for that 'Black Stud Myth' ex-wife said the same thing you's the Big Lie...
PS, check out the Ramones, It's a band I'm sure you'll like.

bigdaddy3177 39M

11/20/2007 2:22 am

I came up with something awhile back and maybe some of you ladies can let me know if it is true. You know how some women say once you go black you never go back. Well I came up with this, once you go white you know you have been licked right. What do you ladies think?? Lol

kramer6692 53M
59 posts
1/29/2008 12:44 pm

First of all I would like to applaud all of the women here for standing up to the "idiots" and bleeding heart liberal assholes!I for one appreciate any person or human being for that matter who can facilitate the use of the the "English" language!Whether it's in written form or verbally communicated!
As far as women go,I enjoy and love women of color,(we all have it ,do we not???)black,white,yellow,tanned,I DON'T CARE.....YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!
In today's wild and f***ed up world,there are to many people out there who stick their nose(s) where it doesn't belong!
Like a wise old person once said,,,"if you have nothing good to say about someone,then say nothing!!"

Black_Wives_Club 47G
11 posts
1/30/2008 4:09 am

Where I work a young white girl, a college inturn, came to me in Nov. of 2007 and was on the verge of crying. A black male supervisor made a pass at her, brushed up against her, grabbed her ass, and ask her if she wanted to go for a ' drink ' after work. I am also a supervisor, and I KNOW our company's protocol AND etiquette of the EXPECTED conduct of a supervisor to a subordinate, especially a MALE supervisor to a FEMALE subordinate and I told the girl to go to HR. Well, as you would expect, HR did shit, and told the girl she must have been mistaken. I had to personally intervene and tell the OLD, OVER WEIGHT, UGLY, black male supervisor that I was indeed hip to his gig, and if he persisted in harassing this inturn I would stop it myself by going to a person who was MARRIED to him and let them know what was going on. He got angry, told me to mind my own businees, and KEPT harrassing the poor coed. I had the girl plant a tape recorder in her office and sure enough, the ass hole came into her office, used foul, offensive language, told her that he KNEW she really wanted a BBC and he was just the man to give it to her.....
Well, I'm proud to say that since the gutless liberals at work in HR did nothing, I took matters into my own hands. The OLD, FAT owner of that BBC ( yeah, right, more like little shitten black cock -- LSBC) is now getting a divorce, living in a flea bag motel, and he is being sued, as is my company for harrassment and ignoring this supervisors LONG history of harrassment of white, young, gorgeous college inturns.
Ahhh, sometimes, life IS good !! I just can't stop smiling !!
Oh, and those white liberal people in the HR dept. ??? They all decided to ' retire ' !!!!
And ther owner of the LSBC ?? He is now working in a dept. that has all MALES !! He He He....maybe he can put his GED education to use THERE !!! ~ Lisha ~

Black_Wives_Club 47G
11 posts
2/17/2008 10:50 am

Friday night ( 2-15-08 ) a white 35 year old white woman had a nice long talk with me about white woman dating black men.
Seems she really had a crush on a black man. She wanted to do the whole ' dating ' thing with him. WEll, she went out with him and was surprised to find out that HE thought she only wanted some BBC. It seems he was like most black men and he over estimated his BC. Seems it was NOT a BBC at all. Rather an average ( if that ) cock (ABC). Anyway. She DID fuck him on the first date, and when she went to work the next day, it was all over the place. Yes, by scoring some ' white pussy ' his reputation shot way up! Of course he HAD to let everybody know about his sexcapade, both men AND woman. Any who, it became so bad at her work place, she had to quit. To make matters worse, some how ( wonder how ) word got back to her family and now she has no family to speak off. You see, this falls right into the black mans plan. If you have no family and NO white man will date you, your only good as a black cock whore, get it ?? What a plan !! So in effect, she only got a call from a black man when he wanted a white pussy, which as we all know, seems to be the Holy Grail of pussydom for an uneducated black man. After he gets white pussy, he can brag to his other uneducated black male friends about how in DEE-mand he is as a black stud to all those white woman out there !! I never understood that...why is fucking a white woman like you black men hitting the pussy lottery ?? Over night you guys become 50 Cent, Danzel and Puffy all rolled into one because some ugly, over weight, bleached blond bimbo and her fag husband want you to fuck her, while hubby watches !! I actually believe that white woman who fuck black men are the worlds biggest losers !! 99% of you are as ugly as sin dipped in misery and it looks like ya'll fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down !
Do you know how bad I feel (for ALL black men ) when I read an adult black man's profile and it reads like a 19 year old hip hop rapper kid wrote it ?? It would be funny if it weren't so dam sad !!
I firmly believe that white woman and their husbands perpetuate the black stud myth so THEY can feel good. Go on the internet and you can find study after study that disproves the BBC fairy tale !! The average black man is so dam caught up about being a ' stud ' to white woman that he doesn't see how pathetic the whole situation is. If THEY believe one sterotype, Danzel, THEY believe ALL the sterotypes about you black men !! If they BELIEVE black men have larger cocks and can fuck better than white men, they also believe that black men are dumb, lazy, and are drug addicts !! They CAN'T believe ONLY 1 sterotype !! THEY BELIEVE THEM ALL !!
You liberals have done more to fuck up the black family than the KKK ever did !!! What a bunch of losers you ( libersl ) are !! lisha

malarki5 48M

4/1/2008 4:15 am


why don't you write a book about this sort of stuff and get the whole thing out of your system? Think of it as a 'public service'!

maharushee1967 49M/38F

8/7/2009 2:58 am

I am in Erie,Pa. and I never thought I would meet any black women that seem more conservative, like I am. I am white, never saw a black person in my life till I moved to erie for the 12th grade. Every single woman I have ever been with has been black(and I assume still is)
Here in Erie,black men/white women is extremely common. There are some black women/white men,more than before,but not too many. I was one of the original Not too many race problems here,but there is a lot that is sneaky, not so much in the open. We are way behind the times here, but it's ok. You ladies are soooo fine and I have to say, I was surprised to find a group like this on here. I have been up all night, and you are the last ones I saw before going to bed(at 6am!)...keep it hot and keep it safe, I would love to come back to the burgh and meet up with you guys,I want to come back down there anyhow and see what kind of record stores you dick is so hard lookin at you guys...I better chill out for to me ladies...andrew in erie,pa.

guyindelco19 51M

9/23/2009 2:18 pm

Good for you ladies in Pittsburgh. I just wish there was a Black Wives Club in the Philadelphia area.
I have been saying for years liberals are the real racists. Conservatives tell blacks they're equal to whites and treat them as such. White liberals are the ones who say blacks don't have to meet the standards whites have to meet for jobs, college admissions and the like. By telling blacks they need affirmative action to succeed, they're telling them they're not as smart or qualified as whites to do anything.
They use that to get rid of their own guilt for being white, It's ridiculous. Hopefully it will stop one day.
Stick to your guns ladies. You're the ones who are right.

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