11/18/2005 more on playing with sister in law  

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11/18/2005 more on playing with sister in law

The 3rd time I met with her was back at the graveyard where we went the first time, well the second graveyard where we met the first time, to usderstand that you would have the read the other blogs.
This time it was her car again, she climbed in the back of the car and I just looked at her and said "look there is no way I am fitting back there especially the both of us" She laughed and agreed with that (the damn car was little) So there I sat in the passenger side of her car and she climbed back up front and sat on my lap. She is so damn only about 130lbs and 5'4"
She kissed me and I her for long time, one thing I found out that drove her crazy was being kissed all over the face and neck as well as the lips. The only thing I could not do well 2 things was 1) mess up her hair and 2)leave marks. Other than that I was good to go. She unbuttoned her top, she has like I dunno a B cup size but had a bra on, I kissed her all over her chest.
I was quite shocked when she unfastened her bra, how the hell a woman does that one-handed is beyond me, hard enuff for me to do it with 2 hands. But anyway, what shocked me is her breasts were a bit wrinkled and at first I thought damn the tanning bed has not been her friend but then realized that it was because she lost so much weight recently well not recently drop maybe 60 pounds over a years period. This did not matter to me, I thought they were still beautiful. I took a nipple in my mouth and lightly sucked on it. She wrapped her hands around the back side of my head and just head me against her chest as I sucked her nipples.
She reached down inside her pants with one hand and started well, I don't know what she was doing, either playing with her clit or fingering her pussy or both I did not know or care, I was happy. She pulled her hand up and stuck 2 fingers in her mouth and then put them in mine.
She raised up off my lap and pulled her scrub bottoms down and said see how wet you made my pussy pointing at the wet spot on her panties, I reached out and started rubbing her pussy thru the panties. She said "I need to be fucked right now!" I pulled her down back to my lap and started kissing her again. I don't know what it was maybe the graveyard or just the fact that she is the wife of my friend who use to be my brother in law (no longer a friend now, will explain that later) but I just let her request go, perhaps it was a kind of payback for the previous meet when I wanted it but did not get. After sometime of more playing it was time for us to go back to our normal routines.
Any comments on how wrong this was?

Still 3 months worth of meets to go thru that is about how long it lasted

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