Funny Sexual Accomplishments  

BlackSailorMan 51M
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8/2/2006 9:51 am
Funny Sexual Accomplishments

Mine would have to be the time I was lying on the bed and wanking it. I was not in a hurry or anything like that. Just enjoying the moment and actually trying to make it last as it was feeling so good stroking my well lubed cock. Of course there is that moment in life when one cannot hold it any longer. At that moment was about to cum. As I squeezed it one last time, mouth open to exhale a quiet pleasureable scream, it was coming up through the shaft. Ladies if you wanna feel something magical (next time he cums) press lightly right around the point where his shaft meets his balls. Such a feeling to feel that hot sperm pulsating up from deep within. Okay, so I was expecting a large load of hot sticky white sperm on my stomach. Well, apparently it wasn't meant to be that way today as the powerful load hit my lips with the next one in my mouth. I will admit that I was both shocked, proud and excited at the same time. So, guess I could understand the excitement some women get when a hot load hits em on the face and mouth. I once hit the wall behind my pillow but that is another story. So, what is your wild craz sex experience?

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