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7/11/2006 8:45 am
Repost of a Friend blog. Not me

I did nothing... but mind my business

I did nothing...

So, I'm in the 'hood on a nice Saturday. No need to say where, but lets say its between the North and the South, leaning southern.

Anyway, I'm with a couple friends in the front lawn talking. Suddenly, a red Nissan Pathfinder comes screeching around the corner. A Black female is yelling like crazy at a Black male driver. (I admit I didn't see the yelling, but my homey did.) So, this Pathfinder comes to a screeching halt like 10 - 15 feet away from the yard. It was so hercky jerky that it looked like the dude put it in park while they were still moving! I was like "damn." So, they argue and I mind my business and keep talking but paying attention with the perhipherial (sp) vision. You dont know what can happen...

Anyway, suddenly the truck just starts rocking like a boat in a seastorm and I just know this dude is tearing that chick up. Finally, he jumps out the truck and we're like "out comes the heat." Frankly, we didnt wanna see anybody die. Especially not us!!!

But he grabbed a hoodie and left in a huff. Meanwhile, the girl is still in there. I wanted to go over there to see if she was OK, but my other voice and friends were like "Mind yo' business." So I did.

After about 15 or 20 minutes, dude came back and they drove off. End of story...for us!

Here are the QUESTIONS:

1) Is it possible that homegirl didn't know when to shutup (especially since she knows her man is prone to spazz out violently)?

2) This happens all day, every day. Was I wrong for keeping my nose in my biz?

3) What about dude was he just DEAD WRONG or are there any conditions for his actions (like he was pushed to the edge)?

4) What would you do?

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