Going Bare down there  

BirthdayGift4him 45M/41F
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10/26/2005 4:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Going Bare down there

After viewing a hundred naked pictures on this site... I decided to take shave down there, and now I'm bare! I love it so much I've already masterbated twice!

rm_luvbbws4 58M

10/26/2005 8:39 pm

why not share this new look with us?

nobull1234 57M
2 posts
10/26/2005 8:42 pm

so show it to us

goodtime351970 46M

10/26/2005 9:13 pm

well when r u gonna take a picture and show us all? i would like to see it. i love licking pussy and i think its sexually better for both when its bare.

BurnLikes69 36M
2 posts
10/26/2005 10:16 pm

I would like to see that for myself!

AtomicArtist0 45M
6015 posts
10/26/2005 10:29 pm

welcome to the world of waxed floors. I get hot while I shave as the shaving cream has a cold burn that I like. Way to go!

rm_steve91766 48M

10/26/2005 10:54 pm

Thats to bad, the furry beaver is becoming extinct.

4 posts
10/27/2005 12:00 am

Yes it's beautiful but it itches if you let it grow back and sometimes you have to worry about razor burn or possibly in grown hairs and that hurts of course. If you use the right shaving cream and keep it up then things will be fine though

rm_avgguy2u 53M
7 posts
10/27/2005 12:40 am

Good for you!!! Welcome to the club. No one likes hair in their food!

cyprusnige 56M
9 posts
10/27/2005 1:00 am

why not share it with us ??

post a pic of your bare pussy

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