Looking in all the wrong places  

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9/5/2005 11:25 pm

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Looking in all the wrong places

Are humans prone to fail, fail, and fail again? I think our accomplishments mean more to us if we struggle other than if we were handed success on a silver platter. I have been single for over four years, since my son's father decided he didn't want to be a father or a man. At times I get lonely, but it all comes down to choices. I can choose to except that I am not meant to be happy or I can choose to believe there is something better out there for me. I am not into one night stands or men who believe I need them. A man is suppose to compliment a woman, not be the best part of her life no matter how much of a scrub he is. I have a great job, a beautiful home, a 2005 car and no past due bills. So what am I missing...a dildo??? No I am missing companionship. Call me corny, call me old fashioned, but I thought Adam was given a companion. She didn't put up with his shit, cuz he had nobody for him to screw her over with. So why should a successful woman have to have everything in her life but accept less than she deserves from a man. And what does she deserve...I guess that is up for debate. Until I find out what I want or find someone who understands what I deserve and is willing to come down off of his ivory tower..dammit I'm gonna have fun![/green]


9/7/2005 11:55 am

Why does the tower have to be ivory? There are many strong, intelligent ebony men who have success, who will love and respect you for the beautiful woman you are. Many times we are often understood because we are judged by our exterior instead of the interior. Let me tell you a little secret. Find a good man, despite his color, and treat him like a man. Respect him,and watch him be the true warrior for his home and family. He will die fighting for his family. Adam was given a companion because of his loneliness, but she was also a helpmate unto him, not just physically, but emotionally as well... put in some overtime with a GOOD MAN, and seeif it doesn't work for YOUR GOOD!!!

Birddog4vr 41F

9/7/2005 2:15 pm

That's funny, you make it seem like I don't appreciate a good man. I more than appreciate a good man. I wasn't complaining, I was empting my head of thoughts that I am sure we all have. Does a woman have to bend over backwards and do somersaults before a man appreciates what he has...if so you better go get a trapeeze artist. Because I'm already too much for you too handle.

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