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10/20/2005 10:25 pm

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Don't get me wrong, I love pussy as much as any guy, and probably more than most, but something that set me on fire is the thought of being submissive to a couple (i.e., man and woman).

Is there anything hotter than licking a clit and a cock simultaneously, while the guy is abusing that pussy, and having both of the couple calling you every name in the book? Almost as good would be the woman stroking herself and demanding that I 'suck that cock good!', and 'eat his cum!', as I suck his hard cock with everything I have.

The best of all worlds for me would be to have the woman a bit submissive, and the guy completely dominant, especially if he loved dirty talk. That way we could both service him, and he'd have full control of us, and the situation. Yeah! I think most fantasies about big, hard cocks, from either men or women, center on the submissive aspect.

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