Married or attached...  

Billy0974 42M
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3/27/2006 5:00 pm
Married or attached...

Married or attached men... (it seems we always get the advice along the lines of... "TRY FIX WHAT YOU HAVE".) Why don't you do this or that... with your Wife or G/F. (All of these answers/opinions, is something we asked for. Because we posted on the advice page and asked for solutions.) And assuming WE ALL KNOW WHAT THE RIGHT THING TO DO is. We're on this site trying to fulfil our needs, whatever that may be. Whether its a lunch-time rendevous, something on the side, just a fu*k, friends with benefits...(blah, blah, blah the list goes on.)

But NOOO!!!! the fact that we are "Married or Attached Men" screws things up (makes us a special breed). Because, we're being HONEST that we want to have a "discreet-relationship", while being attached, is that so wrong? We get our balls tossed into the fire, without a second glance. WTF is that? Give us some credit.

SO here lies a question of ethicality or morality. (i know these things are hard to find on the internet)

I know, what I'm doing is not considered "right" or healthy for MY relationship. So does it make me an automatic ASSHOLE? I hope not.

But yet, if a woman is married or attached and looking for the same thing, why is it OK? or is she a SLUT or a BITCH?(seems like this is in the eyes of other women).. Why is less guff given to them by men? Is it because us men don't care as much as women do? Or maybe, that our moral standards are...LOWER?

I'm not here trying to justify whats going on in my life or yours, just some thoughts that came to mind in the course of today...

Have a nice day.

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