Do You Remember 911?  

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12/9/2005 6:53 pm

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Do You Remember 911?

Hello folks,

Just wanted to ask if you remember where you were on the Horrifying day of 911 in NYC?

It has been many days, many weeks and several years ago when that happened.

I Remember it well, As I feel for the victims and the people who lost loved ones on that horrifying day.

How about you? Surely you remember where you were and how you felt the moment you heard about it.

And what are your feelings on the Hurricanes that recently hit down south vs your feeling about 911? Which do you think was worse?

As for me, And I know that many will disagree, I feel that 911 was worse!

Because the folks working in those two buildings that calm morning had NO WARNING what soever of what was about to happen.

Down South on the other hand, At least people was WARNED of what was to come. At least some of the Southern folks had a chance to take action and run to a safe place.

And yes i KNOW.... There were many who could not move or had no way and were trapped down South when those storms hit. But at least many did have a chance to take action.

In New York on the other hand, And in that aircraft that crashed in PA, They had NO chance!

If only the people in that aircraft that crashed in PA would have acted just a little faster when they tried to fight those hijackers...Just maybe that aircraft could have made it.

We go from day to day about our daily lives, Most of us do not even give it a thought of a major incident in our lives until it HITS!

Do we not forget at times, of the real dangers that can be hidden around us?

Post your feelings of this.

Let's see how some folks still feel or remember about 911.

For any one old enough but has no ideal of what "911" was... I would just say "Bless You", But I would also say "Shame On You".

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